Money in the Real World Quick Reference Answer Guide

The answers below correspond to the exercises in Money in the Real World. The correct ones are bolded for convenience, with detailed explanations where applicable.

Annotated Answer Guide

Exercise 1: How you get Money

  • 1. Who is responsible for printing money?
    1. Answer: The U.S. Treasury
    2. The Federal Reserve
    3. The bank
    4. Office Depot
  • 2. Who is responsible for getting loans for money in the government?
    • The President
    • The U.S. Treasury
    • The Vice President
    • Answer: The Federal Reserve
  • 3. Why does the government need loans?
    • They do not have enough paper to print money on
    • They do not know how to print money
    • Answer: Printing more money decreases the value of existing money.
    • They need loans to keep the value of money high.
  • 4. Which of these options is not a way to get money?
    • Go to a bank
    • Use a credit card
    • Answer: Plant a money tree
    • Deposit a check