What Money Can Really Do

How Money Works?

grocery cart Money is used to buy things. Your clothes, schools supplies, and food were all paid for with money. Some people collect money because they like the way it looks. Most people use it to pay bills or buy stuff they need.

If you have ever gone to the store and used a dollar or coin to pay for an item, you have used money.

The more something costs, the more money you have to pay. The cost of an item is the price someone has placed on it.

Where Does Money Come from

Money comes from a special factory run by the government. This is where they print the dollar bills and press the coins. Once the money is printed, it goes to banks so people can have it.

printer cash bag bank

A bank is a big building where money is stored. People create accounts at the bank to store their money and save it. These are called checking accounts and savings accounts.