Toddlers to Teens: Raising Financially Responsible Kids


Money Memory

To prepare the game, first print out the two memory sheets. Use scrapbook or heavy paper so they are not transparent. Feel free to laminate them before you cut them apart if your children are going to play with them over and over again.

This game can be played independently, in pairs, or with the whole family. Lay the cards face down in rows forming a large rectangle. Make sure you have room in between the cards so they can easily be flipped over.

Players will take turns choosing a card to turn over. The first player turns over any card and then selects another card to turn over. If the two cards match (i.e. matching face coins, matching tail coins, etc.) the player removes them and is awarded another turn for making a money match.

If the cards are not a match they are turned back over and the next player gets a turn. The game continues until all cards are matched up. The player with the most matching pairs is the winner.

For younger children, simply lay them face up and let your child choose the ones that match. Explain what the matching pair is and why they match.

Money Bingo

Children can learn to differentiate between coins by playing this fun Bingo game.

This game includes five printable Money Bingo cards and can be played independently, in pairs, or with the whole family. Before you start the game, print one Money Bingo card for each player. You will also need a bag full of various coins. You’ll find a complete set of printable money on pages 24 and 25 if you don’t have change available.

Players will take turns picking a coin without looking at it. They will then call the coin out to the group and match the coin with the correct name, image, or value. The first player to get five-in-arow says, “Bingo!” and wins the game. To make it more challenging, you can play Blackout where players have to fill the whole board before yelling, “Bingo!”

For additional learning opportunities, older children can count up the amounts of the coins in each row and column, and add up the totals on the whole card!

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