Toddlers to Teens: Raising Financially Responsible Kids

Mommy! We have to buy this toy on TV, it’s only two payments of $19.99!

When talking to your kids about money, no matter how old they are, there are some general rules to follow.

Make sure it’s age appropriate.

No matter when you start the conversation, be sure that you don’t give your children more information than they can understand or need to know. Children as young as three can begin to understand basic concepts and ideas that will help set the stage for good financial habits. As your children get older, you can change your discussion accordingly by introducing more complex financial concepts. This e-book will give you some basic guidelines about what your children can understand at each age.

Talk often.

Your children probably understand much more about money than you realize. They see us making purchases, discussing bills and budgets, and they are often easy targets for advertising and marketing campaigns trying to convince them they have to have every new toy or gadget. Talking to your kids about money frequently and in real-world situations, such as at the store or while paying bills, will provide them with a great financial foundation and will let them see how money works in the real world.

Set a good example.

Showing your children how you use money responsibly sets a good example and teaches responsible habits. While it may feel a bit uncomfortable at first, talking to your kids about your family’s finances teaches them how money works and will also allow them to gain an appreciation of how their parents work hard to earn money in order to purchase things the whole family needs.

Daddy goes to work so he can bring home some money for mommy to buy stuff.

Our e-book provides parents with information and activities divided by age group. The parent pages will give you information about what your child can understand at each stage and what you should be focusing on as you talk to them about money. We’ve also provided fun, printable activities that will help you teach your children important financial lessons.

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