Toddlers to Teens: Raising Financially Responsible Kids


What is a fair price for your goods or services?

Help your child think carefully about what to charge. Ask them:

  • Should we look in newspaper or online to see what other people are charging?
  • Could we ask other trusted adults what they would be willing to pay?

How can you spread the word about your business?

Ask them what their ideas are for attracting customers. Ask them:

  • Where would your customers see your advertising?
  • Do you need to create advertisements? How will you do that?

How will you manage your income?

Help your child think about a long-term plan for the money they earn. Explain that investing money in their company will help them earn more money later. Ask them:

  • How will you save, spend, give, or invest your income?
  • How can you invest money you earn into your business to help it grow? For example, can you increase advertising to reach more customers or create more products?

Printable Money

At this age, kids have a strong enough background in math that they can begin learning how to add and subtract to make change.

Print off the bills and coins on the following pages to work together on making change. Use heavy cardstock and once your have printed out the pages, cut and tape or glue the fronts and backs to the matching bills and coins to make them as life-like as possible.

You can go around your home and pretend to buy and sell household items. You may have to print this sheet more than once to have enough money to make change for larger amounts.

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