Toddlers to Teens: Raising Financially Responsible Kids


Spend, Save, Give Banks

Once your kids start earning money, they need somewhere to put it. Your whole family can participate in this activity as you make Spend, Save, and Give banks.

On the next page you will find our printables for making your own Spend, Save, and Give labels. You can reuse plastic or glass bottles or head to the dollar store to grab plastic jars. If you want to use mason or Ball jars, you can also find and buy slotted mason jar lids that are perfect for slipping coins and bills through.

Once you have your three jars, print out the labels on cardstock and use decorative string or tape to attach them to your jars. You can let your kids get creative by decorating the jars with stickers, puff paint, construction paper, etc.

Each time your child receives money, help them divide up the money into each of the three jars. Count how much money is in each jar each time you add or take away from it.

Chore Chart

A chore chart is a great way to help motivate children and teach financial responsibility. With our printables, you can talk with your child about tasks they should complete each week and tailor each chart to fit their age level.

After you’ve decided on what tasks to assign, you can talk with your child about what rewards they would like and work together so the reward size matches the tasks. A super reward should also be chosen. Rewards don’t have to be monetary either; it can be an earned privilege like staying up late, selecting the movie for movie night, or choosing which ice cream to buy.

As your child completes their chores, you can give your child a sticker to mark the day the chore was completed. At the end of the week (or payday) add up the stickers to determine what reward(s) they receive for the week. This goes for the super reward too. If your child failed to reach the super reward, you can speak with them on how they can achieve it the following week.

This chore chart should not only get your kids excited about helping out around the house, but to also understand that it takes hard work to earn money.

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