College Finance 101: How to make it to graduation without student debt

There are great resources available if you have large amounts of debt. Take full advantage of free student loan information available online from trusted U.S. government agencies and other resources.

U.S. Goverment Agencies

Student Loan Hero:

Student Loan Hero is an online service that can help determine the best strategy for managing loans, refinancing loans if necessary, and repaying them in the fastest and most cost-effective way possible. Site users can:

  • Sync, organize and track private and federal student loans in one centralized location.
  • Gain an in-depth student loan summary and financial analysis.
  • Learn financial strategies to lower the total interest accrued.
  • Find advice on Federal and Private loan repayment programs and options.

Ready for Zero

Ready for Zero is another great website that offers both free and paid account options. Ready for Zero is designed for all consumers with debt, regardless of whether or not you have student loans. Site users can:

  • Link all accounts to visualize and track progress.
  • Create a personalized payment plan.
  • Set up reminders and notifications and set due dates.
  • Access their account on any mobile device through their app.
  • Keep In Touch With Your Loan Provider. As you begin making payments on your loans, chances are that you or your loan provider will need to communicate. Be sure to follow their tips to ensure that you can get answers to your questions and remain in good standing.

    If it’s hard for your lenders to contact you, they certainly aren’t going to bend over backwards to make sure their information is updated. Always stay in touch with your student loan providers anytime you move, change your phone number or change your email address.

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