College Finance 101: How to make it to graduation without student debt

  • Complete an Internship. Internships are a great way to set yourself up for employment right out of college and will definitely set you apart from the competition after graduation. Look for a paid internship and/or one where you can earn college credit in a field or industry that you would like to work in.

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    Tip Find a job that you know will be flexible with your class schedule. Working at night or on weekends will allow you to attend class and leave time for homework. Be sure to make the most out of winter, spring, and summer breaks, working as much as possible so you can save money for the rest of the school year.

  • Get a Job. Even with loans, grants, scholarships or all of the above, you may still need additional sources of income while in school. Getting a job will not only provide some much needed income, but will also give you an opportunity to beef up your resume and get some real life experience that will help you land your dream job upon graduation

    Colleges and universities offer a number of opportunities to work on campus. You can serve as a research assistant, clerical assistant, tutor, and more. Some of these positions may even allow you to earn credits toward graduation and get paid. Looking for a job related to your major will increase your chances of getting an internship and send you to the top of the list when you start applying for jobs after graduation. Another added bonus to working on campus is that most of these positions find it perfectly acceptable to complete schoolwork if you have down time.

I’ve been working at least one job at all times since I was 15. I (worked) every holiday weekend, winter break and summer break. I also took a paid internship in NYC and held an internship position at a local radio station, which was related to my major and allowed me to make extra money. I also tutored and was a resident assistant, which covered my housing costs and provided a small stipend.

Vikki Feggulis Utica College, 2013

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