College Finance 101: How to make it to graduation without student debt

    • Priorities and Moderation. While the first taste of freedom is sweet indeed, keeping yourself focused on your ultimate goal will prevent distraction from creeping in. College is supposed to be fun and filled with great friends and experiences – but the ultimate goal is to obtain an education and set yourself up for future success. Make good decisions based on your long-term goals. Your friends and social activities should enhance the experience of reaching your end goal, not derail you from reaching that goal.

Tech Tip Cheat Sheet

There are many on- and offline tools you can use to manage your day. Bruce Markewicz, President of DigitalUKnow, suggests the following tips and apps to create a suite of productivity that will help you manage your schedule and time more effectively:

Tips Tools

Manage day-to-day tasks

ToDoist, Wunderlist

Keep a calendar of all your activities and classes

Google Calendar, Sunrise

Organize all of the information for your personal and academic life

Google Keep

Study Assistance

Study Blue

With the integration of IFTTT (If This Then That), a web-based service that gives you creative control over your apps in one location, these apps can be integrated into a seamless personal time management/productivity ecosystem. Give yourself some time to learn the programs and customize them to best suit your needs. If you need assistance in learning how to use these apps consider the online training course offered by DigitalUknow. Their 5-module course will set you up with existing, free apps including time management, to-do task manager, digital note taking and organization, productivity, and study apps along with collaboration and online storage tools to create a solid productivity foundation.

If this is all too much, consider an old-fashioned paper planner. We like options available from Erin Condren and FranklinPlanner.

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