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Balance Transfer Calculator

How much can I save by transferring my existing credit card balance?

This credit card balance transfer calculator determines how much money in interest payments could be saved by transferring an existing credit card balance to a lower interest rate credit card. Just by switching credit cards, you may be able to save several hundreds if not thousands of dollars each year on interest payments alone.

Before transferring a balance, make certain that you have determined the balance transfer fee associated with the transfer. Most times, you can still achieve considerable savings with a lower / promotional balance transfer apr offer and payoff the transfer fee rather quickly versus keeping your existing credit card. Remember, you still don't have to close your old credit card.

NOTE: The balance transfer calculator is made available as a self help tool and is not intended to provide financial advise to its users. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of results when applied to a user's individual factors. Please seek professional advice regarding all personal financial issuers.

Regarding your current credit card(s):

Card Balance Interest Rate APR
$ %
$ %
$ %
$ %
$ %

Regarding the card you're transferring to:

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