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  • Regular Purchase APR

    24.9% (Variable)

  • Intro Purchase APR


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  • Annual Fees


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  • Click "APPLY NOW" to apply online
  • No annual fee, with all the credit building benefits
  • Unlike a prepaid card, it builds credit when used responsibly, with regular reporting to the 3 major credit bureaus
  • Free access to your credit score and learn how everyday decisions can affect your score using Capital One® Credit Tracker
  • Your minimum security deposit gets you a $200 credit line
  • You may qualify for a credit line increase based on your payment history and creditworthiness with no additional deposit required
  • Easily manage your account 24/7 with online access, by phone, or using our mobile app
  • It’s a credit card accepted at millions of locations worldwide

Card Fees

Late Payment Fees Up to $35

Foreign Transaction Fee None

Balance Transfer Fee $0

Cash Advance Fee 3% of the amount of the cash advance, but not less than $10

Returned Payment Fee See Terms*

Penalty APR See Terms*

Minimum Interest Charge See Terms*

Ongoing Information

Rewards Cap Non-rewards card

Rewards Rate Non-rewards card

Annual Fee $0

Grace Period See Terms*

Expert Reviews

From the Editorial Team

This card is meant for those who have bad credit and want a card that helps them rebuild it, while also delivering the convenience of carrying plastic instead of cash. The minimum security deposit can range from $49, $99, or $200, depending on your creditworthiness, and can be paid over an 80 day time period after approval.  

The interest rate on this card is 24.9% (Variable) and there is now no annual membership fee. For people with damaged credit though, those rates are a small price to pay for the chance to rebuild your credit.The Capital One Secured MasterCard also reports to the “big three” major credit bureaus on a regular basis. So, if you are paying your bills on time and not using more than 25% of your available credit – two strategies recommended by credit improvement experts – then that will help you in your credit building efforts.

Expert Reviews of the Capital One® Secured MasterCard®

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The Bottom Line

This card now comes with no annual fee, making it one of the few secured cards without it. The Capital One Secured MasterCard by is a nice alternative for someone with poor credit who wants a chance to rebuild their credit.

The Good

There is no balance transfer fee, and you can sign up for free enrollment in online tools to help you track your credit. You can also earn opportunities for a credit line increase based on your payment history and credit worthiness.

The Not so Good

The APR is 24.9% (Variable). You also have to put forth a security deposit in order to get this card.

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By: | Sep 22, 2014

I just canceled this card. The policies are quite difficult to work around. If you make more than one payment a month (I used to deposit expense checks and then pay the bill immediately so my payments were sometimes made 2 times a month) they will freeze your card and require you to call the customer service people and patch in your bank to verify that you are paying with your own checking account and not a fradulent one. At first they told me this was just for the initial 6 month period for the card but it continued for the entire year I had the card. Sometimes I paid my bill by going to their website and having them initiate an ACH transaction. The first time I did that they froze the account, I called India, India transferred me to someone in the US (this is the process I always experiened with them) and then we called my bank to verify the payment. This was supposed to be another one time thing but it happened about every other month for a year. Twice I paid the bill through my bank's online bill payment system. Again, they would freeze the account, I would call India, transfer to the US, we'd patch in my bank to verify I was the account holder, on and on. Of the 12 months I had this card they froze the account due 10 times. My account was always paid in full, early and had no returned checks or any other abnormalities. When I asked customer service reps why they were so concerned about fraudulent payments, they would all snidely reply "because it is a secured card." I get that secured cards get you second class service. I found that having this card wasn't worth the problems. Most people with secured cards get them in order to have the convienence of a card when their credit is poor. With Capital One constantly freezing the card for "potential fraud" (all related to me paying the bill in some way they deemed suspicious) the card offered nothing but problems.

31 Found this review helpful

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By: | Sep 22, 2014

I applied five months ago and did not have a credit score at all as I had not had any reporting on my bureau in years. With 5 months of on-time payments I now have a decent score and was able to qualify for an unsecured card with another lender.

29 Found this review helpful

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By: | Sep 22, 2014

The call center is based in another country can't understand a word they say. But if U don't have any problems with ur card hopefully u won't have to use this feature! But the card Is handy for building credit I only put a 200 dollar line on mine for emergencies and they reported my outstanding payment history every month.

18 Found this review helpful

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By: | Sep 22, 2014

love this card

9 Found this review helpful

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By: | Feb 8, 2015

I just turned 18 and have no credit cards. When I applied for a $500 credit card I was told I did not have enough credit info to be excepted. My friend who has bad credit was able to get a card so get bad credit rating and you can get the card just don't pay you bill