Compare Citi® Diamond Preferred® Card – 21 Month Intro Offer on BT and Purchases

By , Updated on May 15, 2017

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Citi® Diamond Preferred® Card – 21 Month Intro Offer on BT and Purchases


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Pay 0% Interest Until 2019

Let's face it, there is nothing more frustrating than paying your credit card bills each month only to see your balance drop by a small portion of what you paid. If you are stuck in a seemingly endless cycle with credit card payments that just won't go away, then we have some great news for you.

Balance transfer credit cards, like the Citi® Diamond Preferred® Card, offer a way out of this vicious cycle. Balance transfer credit cards offer 0% introductory APR for a number of months, usually between 12 and 21 months. These credit cards allow every penny of your monthly payments to go towards the principle of your balance during the introductory period. This allows you to pay down your balance faster and potentially saves you hundreds, if not, thousands of dollars!

The Citi® Diamond Preferred® Card, from our partner Citibank, leads the way among balance transfer credit cards by offering one of the longest intro APR on the market; new cardholders receive an incredible 21 months of 0% intro APR on balance transfer and purchases! That makes this the perfect card if you’re stuck under a mountain of credit card debt or want to make a big purchase and pay it off over the 21 month time period interest free.

Get Out of Debt with 0% Intro APR for 21 Months

Transferring your balance to the Citi® Diamond Preferred® Card is a genius way to get out of credit card debt fast. Here’s a quick example to show just how much money you could save by using the Citi Diamond Preferred Card for a balance transfer.

Let’s say you have $5,000 in credit card debt you want to get rid of and the interest rate on your current credit card is 17.99% APR. If you transfer your debt to the Citi® Diamond Preferred® Card and made payments of $245.25 for the first 21 months you will be debt free in under two years without paying a penny in interest.

Now let’s look at the numbers for if you don’t transfer your balance: With the same monthly payment, you will end up paying over $1,000 in interest on your current credit card and the payback will take significantly longer. Ouch!

0% Interest Financing on New Purchases until 2019

Not only is this Citi® Diamond Preferred® Card a powerful tool to save money on balance transfers, but it also serves as a way to get interest free financing on new purchases for almost two years. Perhaps you want to buy new appliances for your kitchen or have a costly auto repair bill to pay. If you don’t have the cash to pay it all up front, the Citi® Diamond Preferred® Card can help you spread those payments out over 21 months.

Here’s how the 0% intro APR for 21 months on purchases works: Let’s say you need to buy a new refrigerator that costs $2,500. To get interest free financing, the only thing you have to do is open a Citi Diamond Preferred account, then put the refrigerator purchase on your shiny new card during the first month.

When you divide the purchase price of $2,500 by 21 months, you need to make monthly payments of only about $119. As long as you pay the purchase off in full before the intro period is up, you won’t be changed any interest!

A Few Things to Consider

There is no annual fee with the Citi Diamond Preferred, so you won’t have to worry about paying a fee to carry the card. After the introductory period is up, the ongoing APR on the Citi® Diamond Preferred® Card will be 13.24% - 23.24%* (Variable) based on your credit worthiness.

Like most balance transfer credit cards, there is a balance transfer fee of either $5 or 3%, whichever is greater, but you can easily make that up on the money you save with no interest.

Is the Citi® Diamond Preferred® Card right for you?

This credit card is all about saving you money with 0% intro APR for 21 months. If you’re looking for a fancy rewards program or luxurious travel rewards then this may not be the right fit.

But if no annual fee and 0% interest for almost two years sounds nice to you, then look no further than the Citi® Diamond Preferred® Card. Whether you’re looking to do a balance transfer or simply want interest-free financing on an upcoming purchase, you can’t go wrong with the Citi® Diamond Preferred® Card!

Citi® Diamond Preferred® Card – 21 Month Intro Offer on BT and Purchases


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4.2/5.0 from 1,626 Offer Ratings
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(1,626) Over the Past 60 Days!
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Thomas Donaldson
Thomas Donaldson

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Picture of Samantha Ewing

By: | Apr 21, 2017

I am looking for a credit card with 0% APR and also $0 balance transfer. Is there a CC out there with intro's that meet my needs?

1 Reply

By: CompareCards | Apr 25, 2017

Two credit cards that currently offer no intro balance transfer fee and 0% intro APR for 15 months and are the Chase Slate card and the Barclaycard Ring Mastercard.

Picture of Carlos Molina

By: | Apr 19, 2017

Citi AAdvantage is the best card!!!!

Picture of Kenneth D Schroeder

By: | Apr 16, 2017

I have the Capitol One Quicksilver card. It is one of the best I have ever used. 1.5% unlimited cash back no fee.

2 Replies

By: Steven J Mammolito | Apr 24, 2017

Citi double cash rewards. Effectively 2% on all purchases with no limits or fees. 1% as you buy and 1% as you pay your card.

By: Michael Williams | May 4, 2017

I agree with Kenneth, "what's in your pocket" as commercial says. I say it should be Capital One,

Picture of Ingrid Hansen Ledesma

By: | Apr 16, 2017

I am retired and am on social security. I only have 1 bill which is my credit card. I would like to apply for the 21 month 0% APR. I always pay before payment is do and I pay more than is due. Would I be able to apply for this transfer even if I am retired and my only income is my retirement?

1 Reply

By: CompareCards | Apr 20, 2017

While income and employment status are an important factor for credit card approvals, the most important factor is your credit score. If you have always paid your bills on time then it is likely that you have a good or excellent credit score, but it's always a good idea to check your score before you apply. The Citi Simplicity and Citi Diamond Preferred each offer 0% intro APR for 21 months and generally require good to excellent credit for an approval.

Picture of Betty Taylor

By: | Apr 10, 2017

I love my chase freedom and is the only I use. It works much better than carrying cash.

Picture of Pete D Warren

By: | Mar 20, 2017

Scored a free round trip from Portland OR to Frankfurt Gm for free after just a year with the Sapphire Card. Good card!

Picture of Vince Skrzypek

By: | Mar 18, 2017

We're taking a big vacation and want to open a credit card that offers the best rewards. Including cash back, everyday rewards or even travel rewards. No annual fee also. Not worried about introductory offers since we will be paying off right away. There's so many different options I've seen. Anything stick out ahead of the rest?

2 Replies

By: CompareCards | Mar 20, 2017

The Discover It Cashback Match is a very popular offer right now because for new cardholders, Discover will double all the cash back you earn during your first year! This card comes with 5% cash back in special rotating categories and 1% on everything else, plus no annual fee. A few other popular no annual fee rewards cards include the Citi Double Cash, BankAmericard Travel Rewards, and the Chase Freedom Unlimited.

By: Laraine Grant | Apr 18, 2017

Citi Double Cash is the best! No restrictions on how or where you can use it. Also, gives more cash back than the others.

Picture of Sharon Hendrickson Dillsaver

By: | Mar 18, 2017

Want a card with bonus cash and at least 2% on everything.

1 Reply

By: Martin Markowitz | Mar 30, 2017

Get Citi double cash back. 1% when you make any purchase and 1% when you pay on the card. I think the best card out there.

Picture of Dean Semmer

By: | Mar 14, 2017

I would like a credit card that got me into the airport lounges without a fee. There was a time when you would be able to subscribe to the Admirals Club for $1000 for life! The airport lounges are nice but they aren't that great. I visited the American Express lounge in Las Vegas, that was elegant and very nice.

2 Replies

By: CompareCards | Mar 15, 2017

The Platinum Card from American Express offers access to the Global Lounge Collection which includes over 1,000 airport lounges around the world!

By: Shane Sanders | Apr 8, 2017

I have, both, the Amex Platinum, as well as the Chase Sapphire Reserve. Although these cards require excellent credit and require a hefty annual fee, both get me tons and tons of perks (including Lounge Access), and the annual fees are quickly offset with the savings. I love entering these little VIP Lounges and getting free food and alcohol!

Picture of Suzanne Ward

By: | Mar 12, 2017

So far this has been one of the best cards for me. And the customer service has been great people to work with.

1 Reply

By: Steve Bain | Apr 1, 2017

i concur, martin. i have five or six cards i use and my citi double cash is the one i use the most


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