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Get in Touch with Us is an industry leading free online resource for comparing credit card offers from leading banks and credit card issuers. Once you are directed from our website to a secure application, we are not involved in the application process nor do we have access to any customer service or account specific information.

If you have a question about your application status or existing credit card account, please contact each bank directly at one of the phone numbers listed below.

If you need to reach us, you can contact us by mail, phone, chat (located in upper right corner of our website), or through email.

Bank Contact Information

American Express

  • Customer Service: 800.327.1267
  • Platinum Card Customer Service: 800.801.6564
Apply Here for American Express Cards

Bank of America:

  • Customer Service: 800.732.9194
Apply Here for Bank of America Credit Cards


  • Customer Service: 877.523.0478
Apply Here for Barclaycard ® Credit Cards

Capital One:

  • Customer Service: 800.955.7070
Apply Here for Capital One Cards


  • Customer Service: 800.432.3117
Apply Here for Chase Credit Cards


  • Application Status: 888.201.4523
  • Customer Service Consumer and Student: 800.347.4934
  • CitiBusiness Customer Service: 866.422.3091
Apply Here for Citibank Credit Cards

Discover Card:

  • Customer Service: 800.347.2683
Apply Here for Discover Credit Cards

First PREMIER Bank:

  • Customer Service: 800.987.5521
Apply Here for First PREMIER Bank Credit Cards

GE Money Bank:

  • Customer Service: 866.419.4096
Apply Here for GE Money Bank Credit Cards

HSBC / Orchard Bank:

  • Customer Service: 503.293.4037
Apply Here for HSBC / Orchard Bank Credit Cards

Iberia Bank:

  • Customer Service: 800.682.3231
Apply Here for Iberia Bank Credit Cards

MasterCard ®:

  • Customer Service: 800.622.7747
Apply Here for MasterCard ® Credit Cards

TD Bank:

  • Customer Service: 888.751.9000
Apply Here for TD Bank Credit Cards


  • Customer Service: 800.531.USAA
Apply Here for USAA Credit Cards


  • Customer Service: 800.847.2911
Apply Here for Visa ® Credit Cards

Wells Fargo:

  • Customer Service: 800.642.4720
Apply Here for Wells Fargo Credit Cards