Read More World MasterCard Benefits

World MasterCard Benefits

If you hold a rewards credit card that is part of the MasterCard network, then perhaps you might have noticed the words "WORLD" or "WORLD ELITE" just above the MasterCard logo. If you have one of these cards, it means you are entitled to special benefits that you might not be aware of. Just make […]

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Read More Visa Signature Card Benefits

Visa Signature Card Benefits

You may have noticed that many credit cards carry the name "Visa Signature" in the title, but have you ever wondered what exactly that means? Sure, Visa is one of the major payment networks, the others being MasterCard, American Express, and Discover, but what does the "Signature" part do for you? Visa Signature is a […]

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Read More Hidden Perks & Features with Credit Cards

Hidden Perks & Features with Credit Cards

Cardholders often have many valuable benefits inside their purses and wallets that they don’t even know about that come with the plastic they already have. Some of those extras are in the form of purchase protections or security features, while others range from concierge services for travelers to advance notice of tickets to special events […]

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Read More Do You Know Your Consumer Rights?

Do You Know Your Consumer Rights?

*Last updated March 2015 Becoming familiar with all the aspects of your credit report is very important in understanding how your actions, or taking no action, can affect your score. The majority of lending decisions are based on your FICO score, which may not seem important now, but it will be when you suddenly need […]

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Read More Tips for Reviewing and Monitoring Your Credit Files

Tips for Reviewing and Monitoring Your Credit Files

Every time a card is swiped, a purchase is made, or a bill goes unpaid for another day, that information is harvested, sorted, organized, tabulated, and shared with creditors and potential lenders. Then companies that sell insight about consumers to financial institutions crunch all of that data through their proprietary algorithms. Each credit agency has […]

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Read More How Credit Card Processing Works

How Credit Card Processing Works

Ever wonder how the money from your credit card account gets to the store you bought something from? How about those mysterious transaction fees that seem to raise the costs for just about everything? This is all a part of the universal procedure known as credit card processing, which takes information from your card and […]

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Read More Be Aware of the Grace Period

Be Aware of the Grace Period

A grace period is a length of time you have to pay for a new charge on your credit card before any interest charges are applied, assuming there's no balance on your card at the time. If there is any balance at all, even if it's only a few cents, you will be charged interest […]

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