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Updated on Apr 08, 2016

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There are many credit cards that come with additional benefits for shoppers. Some of the most common add-ons are insurance protection for the items you buy with the card, extended warranty coverage, and dispute resolution if you are not satisfied with a purchased item. There are also cards that let you return items for a refund and those that will refund the difference to you if you buy something and later find it at a lower price.

Carrying a card with shopping protection is great to have, but since these kinds of credit card features are typically lumped within membership documents, most consumers don’t even realize these options are available to them. Oftentimes the terms and conditions can be a little complicated, too, so cardholders don’t bother reading to understand the small print. The fact is, though, cards that include these extra features typically do so free of charge, and will honor them as long as you use their card when shopping.

Cards Offering Extended Warranty

Extended warranties are another fantastic benefit credit cards offer that typically automatically kick in one you receive your new card. The majority of extended warranties increase the length of an original U.S. manufacturer's warranty for up to one additional year on eligible purchases.

You can only benefit from extended warranty if you purchased that item with your credit card that comes with that feature, so make sure you have that card in tow when you go shopping for valuable and big-ticket items.

Some examples of items you can expect to be ineligible for extended warranty include boats, vehicles, medical equipment, rented or leased items, computer software, and even resale items.

Warranties longer than five years aren’t typically covered, but very few consumer products come with warranties of that length anyway. Most will have a cap on the maximum value amount per claim, like $10,000 per claim, for example.

Extended warranty, also called Extended Protection, is available with multiple cards, including all cards issued by Capital One, American Express, and many Citi cards (a Citi rep was unable to answer my questions about cards with extended warranty).

Partner American Express Cards

  • TrueEarnings from AMEX and CostCo
  • Blue Cash Everyday
  • Blue Cash Preferred
  • The Platinum Card

Partner Capital One Cards

  • Journey Student Rewards
  • Capital One Platinum Prestige
  • Both Capital One Venture Rewards Cards
  • Both the Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards Cards

Partner Citi Cards

  • Citi Simplicity
  • Citi Platinum Select/AAdvantage World MC
  • Citi Diamond Preferred
  • Citi Dividend Platinum Select
  • Citi ThankYou Preferred Card

With the Journey Student Rewards from Capital One and the Credit One Bank Gas Rewards Card you get a different type of benefit known as “warranty manager service.” VISA describes that as a service that includes warranty registration and extended warranty protection with the option of buying extended service agreements.

Purchase & Return Protection with Your Plastic

Purchase protection is another shopping benefit that usually includes return protection, although some cards state those two separately. Purchase protection essentially provides an extra layer of protection when shopping so there’s no reason to have any regrets.

Cards that come with this service typically offer an extended return policy and reimbursement of the cost of purchase if the merchant will no longer accept the item you are attempting to return. These typically come with a limit around $200-$300 per item with a total limit per year. Additionally, purchase protection will protect your purchase from theft, fire, or accidental breakage up to a certain amount of coverage within 90 days from date of purchase.

  • Under the VISA/Capital One Guide to Benefits Package document related to VISA business cards, for example, it is stated that the purchase protection amount is up to a maximum of $10,000 per claim or $50,000 per cardholder.
  • American Express will protect an item paid for with the card for up to 90 days if it is stolen or accidentally damaged. Coverage is limited to $1,000 per occurrence, up to $50,000 per card account per calendar year. The company’s website adds that Platinum, Delta Reserve, and CenturionCard members can be covered up to $10,000 per occurrence. *Terms and limitations apply.
  • Chase Slate provides purchase protection that covers you for 120 days up to a maximum of $500 for each claim and up to $50,000 dollars for card member accounts.

All Discover cards offer Purchase Protection, Return Guarantee, and Extended Product Warranty. From what I found, very few Chase cards offer purchase protection (Chase Sapphire, Chase Sapphire Preferred, and Chase Slate). All Visa Signature credit cards come with purchase and return protection, and extended warranty. Below are some examples of the most popular credit cards by issuer:

*Terms and limitations apply

Partner American Express Cards

  • TrueEarnings from AMEX and CostCo
  • Blue Cash Everyday
  • Blue Cash Preferred
  • The Platinum Card
  • Plum Card
  • SimplyCash Business
  • American Express Gold Card
  • American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card
  • Starwood Preferred Guest

Partner Citi Cards (stated as Retail Protection)

  • Citi Diamond Preferred
  • Citi Dividend Platinum Select
  • Citi Forward Card for College Students
  • Citi ThankYou Preferred -20k bonus offer
  • Citi Platinum Select/AAdvantage World MC
  • CitiBusiness ThankYou

Partner Capital One Cards

  • Platinum Prestige, Classic Platinum and the Platinum Card come with extended warranty
  • Journey Student Rewards
  • GM Card
  • Capital One Business Cards

Other Considerations

Every credit card membership will vary, so it’s wise to look over your terms and conditions thoroughly to understand what’s protected and what the price caps are. American Express cards also come with dispute resolution. I couldn’t find much information on that besides one sentence; “Not all disputes are resolved in the Card Member’s favor.”

*Editorial Note: Any opinions, analyses, reviews or recommendations expressed in this article are those of the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any card issuer.

*The content in this article is accurate at the publishing date, and may be subject to changes per the card issuer.

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