Tom Kerr

Tom Kerr has been a published, award-winning writer, author, and journalist for more than a decade. A North Carolina native who loves calling the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains home, he traveled extensively before settling in Asheville, NC. But sometimes Tom wishes he could hitch a ride and see the world along with his writing, which has been published on six continents. Tom’s work has appeared in publications in the USA including Newsweek, The Chicago Tribune, and the Houston Business Journal. Tom subscribes to the notion that the best writers are also avid learners who are passionately committed to lifelong education. Although he is a writer by profession, most of his time is spent learning so that when he does sit down to write he can offer real value to his readers. Researching complex subjects and then explaining them in ways that others can easily grasp and understand can be a challenge. But all of Tom’s favorite writers have a knack for making that look easy, and that’s what he strives for in his own work. He wants to stimulate critical thinking with straightforward information that engages, enlightens, and maybe even entertains along the way.

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