Jason Steele

Jason is a freelance journalist with a passion for credit cards and travel. As an expert in using credit cards to earn reward travel, he and his family love to explore the world using their points and miles, and helping others to do so. Jason is actually on his third career. His first was as a computer systems administrator, which he rode through all the dot com booms and busts. Next, he tried his hand as a commercial pilot and a flight instructor, indulging in his passion for aviation and travel. As a freelance journalist, Jason has been contributing to many of the top personal finance sites on the subjects of credit cards and travel. After covering the credit card industry daily for over five years, he has become one of the nation's premier credit card industry experts. Yet as a freelance journalist, he still has the time to attend all of his favorite travel, aviation, and personal finance conferences and to continue to use his points and miles for plenty of leisure travel. Jason lives in Denver Colorado with his wife and two daughters where he enjoys bicycling, snowboarding, and rooting for the Broncos.

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