Payday Loans May Attract Attention from Hackers

Payday lenders are known for making fast, short-term, high-interest loans to consumers, even if those borrowers have bad credit. But the Payday lending industry has recently been making headlines as it has come under increased scrutiny from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Payday lenders, particularly those that operate from online platforms, are…

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Does My Credit Card Work with Apple Pay?

Apple Pay uses near field communication systems, or NFC, to process payments without actual physical contact between the user’s card and a payment terminal. Instead, the smartphone app allows consumers to store their credit card information on their mobile device and complete transactions by hovering or tapping their phone over…

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Consumers Must Read Fine Print

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) sent out letters last year warning some credit card companies to be careful when marketing promotional credit card offers. The notification specifically addresses offers for low-interest or zero-interest balance transfers and convenience checks that can be used to take out a cash advance. Although…

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Best of 2015

It’s always been appealing to consumers to have the freedom to buy now and pay later. What’s not so great is when paying later comes with a high price, also…

We all know emergencies can happen. They are usually unexpected, unavoidable and expensive. I don’t know about you, but the emergencies that have happened in my life have always come…

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