Our Story

CompareCards.com was born out of the desire to help people make more informed financial decisions. Since we launched in 2005, CompareCards.com has been a leader in helping consumers research, compare and apply for the perfect credit card to fit their needs.

By providing useful tools and resources, CompareCards.com is your one-stop-shop for selecting the best credit cards. Our credit experts breakdown the pros and cons of each offer and you can read credit card reviews from existing cardholders.

With our side-by-side credit card comparison tool you can easily compare today’s top credit cards and confidently select the right card to help you meet your financial goals. Whether you’re looking for a cash back, low interest, travel rewards, or balance transfer credit card, we’ve done all the research for you.

We Believe

Best Offers

We show you the best credit card offers available so our visitor’s don’t have to search through pages of terms and conditions.

Credit Education

Financial education in America’s school systems is almost non-existent. In order to slow down and eventually stop America’s debt crisis, we believe we need to start early in educating our youth about financial education by providing free financial lesson plans for educators and parents alike.

Credit Responsibility

Consumers should practice responsible debt management in order to maintain an excellent credit score by living within their means and never pay their bills late.


The best feedback comes from consumers who have learned by experience. We welcome credit card reviews and other helpful feedback to share with our visitors.


A Mission To Start Early

In America’s school systems, less than 20% of educators feel confident to teach courses on financial education. We sincerely believe that by introducing financial education early on that our nation’s debt can begin to shrink. We are committed to producing factual materials that will lead to good credit management and steer our future borrowers away from debt. We remain passionate about continuing to sponsor and develop initiatives that help encourage financial literacy.



Credit Concierge helps users actively monitor their credit health with free access to their credit score.

Concierge logo

FLY Logo We launched our official FLY program to offer $20,000 in grants to improve financial education among our nation's youth.


A tablet version of the site is launched to embrace the shift in user devices.


Non-Profit group Consumer Action names CompareCards.com as top credit card comparison website.


After significant growth, CompareCards.com becomes the #2 comparison website for credit cards.


CompareCards.com launches a new website design and integrates with network APIs


Credit card issuers scale back consumer incentives to address the increase in delinquencies due to the financial crisis.


CompareCards.com begins reaching more consumers through display and video advertising.


The company surpasses over 300,000 unique visitors.


CompareCards.com offers users the ability to save credit cards and compare side by side.


CompareCards.com is launched as an online credit card index service.


Chris Mettler

Founder and President

Mettler is responsible for the overall business operations of the company. Prior to working in the financial services industry, Chris was a Business Unit Manager for Illinois Tool Works, a global Fortune 200 company. In 2000, he sold a comparison search software company to Q-Interactive, now a leading consumer savings destination. Mettler is a graduate of Vanderbilt University and holds an MBA in Business Strategy from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. While attending business school, he created CompareCards.com to help consumers make sense out of the ever-expanding landscape of credit card offers. Mettler is also the founder of Iron Horse Holdings Co, an Internet marketing company focused on growing internet based businesses by driving end-user value in vertical markets.

Jeff Meyer

SVP Business Operations & Technology

Meyer is responsible for developing and overseeing the technology that drives CompareCards.com. Prior to his career in software development, Jeff held a fascination for the intricacies of commerce and negotiation that led him to open his first retail business at the age of 15. The boom of online auction marketplaces in the late nineties fostered his multi-year shift from brick-and-mortar to online retail and his eventual success as a software engineer and web development consultant. Meyer holds a bachelor’s degree in Information and Decision Sciences from UI, Chicago and has recently founded GoCollect - a value analytics platform for the antique and collectible markets.

John Chanthana

Lead Front End Developer and Designer

John is responsible for CompareCards.com design and front end coding. John received his Film/Video degree from Columbia College of Chicago and has worked as a video game artist prior to becoming a designer and front end developer. He is an illustrator and fine artist at heart and uses those skills to help him create engaging and informative user interfaces and designs.

Thomas Donaldson

Senior Credit Specialist & Compliance Manager

Thomas is responsible for maintaining site-wide compliance for the content on CompareCards.com. As a credit card expert, Thomas accumulates over a million points and miles each year allowing him to travel for practically free. Thomas loves helping consumers make informed decisions about the plastic they carry in their wallet and is a regular contributor to the CompareCards blog. After graduating from Clemson University, Thomas moved back to his hometown of Charleston, South Carolina where he worked in fundraising before joining the CompareCards team. Outside of the office, Thomas can be found enjoying the South Carolina outdoors with his wife and golden retriever.

Conor Keenan

Media Director & Compliance Officer

Conor is responsible for overseeing compliance functions and various digital media channels for CompareCards.com. Prior to his career in digital marketing, Conor wanted to be a video game designer / engineer for Nintendo. He now designs digital marketing campaigns and experiences to keep consumers informed about the ever-changing world of finance. Conor holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications from Michigan State University and is currently studying for an MBA in Marketing at the University of Michigan. When he is not behind a computer, you can find Conor on an adventure exploring the Midwest or camping in one of America's National Parks.

Ersan Sano

Senior Software Engineer

Ersan is responsible for software development at CompareCards.com.

When not developing, he enjoys browsing the Internet, watching sports, listening to nineties music and, most of all, spending time with his two energetic daughters, wife and mom.

Ersan holds a Master of Information Systems Management degree from Keller Graduate School of Management. He is well-versed in number of spoken and programming languages, and is modern-day nomad, having lived in eight cities and four countries.

Andrew Liwanag

SEO & Native Advertising

Andrew is responsible for organic search and native advertising for CompareCards.com.

After attending NIU Andrew learned about the digital marketing industry with a focus on SEO. Currently, he focuses on building campaigns for native advertising.

Outside of digital marketing, he enjoys competitive basketball and going to different sporting events. He currently teaches SEO at Startup Institute Chicago.

Jim Sanders

SEM Specialist

Shortly after attending college, Jim opened his own brick & mortar business. He quickly realized that the majority of his customers were continuing to shop online & that the online marketplace was only going to grow larger. Since then he has dedicated the majority of his time to different forms of digital marketing which is now his new passion.

During his free time, you can find Jim riding one of his motorcycles, golfing or going to different sporting events.

Eilert Hjelmeseth

Senior Software Engineer

Eilert received a degree in Computer Information Systems with a focus on Database Management from DeVry University and after a decade of wearing multiple hats in the IT industry found his passion in utilizing technology to get people the information they need.

When he's not doing that you'll find him enjoying time with his lovely wife and daughter, strumming a guitar, or enjoying some games with friends.