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Bank Contact Information

American Express

  • Customer Service: 800.327.1267
  • Platinum Card Customer Service: 800.801.6564
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Bank of America:

  • Customer Service: 800.732.9194
Apply Here for Bank of America Credit Cards

Barclays ®

  • Customer Service: 877.523.0478
Apply Here for Barclays ® Credit Cards

Capital One:

  • Customer Service: 800.955.7070
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  • Customer Service: 800.432.3117
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  • Application Status: 888.201.4523
  • Customer Service Consumer and Student: 800.347.4934
  • CitiBusiness Customer Service: 866.422.3091
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Discover Card:

  • Customer Service: 800.347.2683
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First PREMIER Bank:

  • Customer Service: 800.987.5521
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GE Money Bank:

  • Customer Service: 866.419.4096
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HSBC / Orchard Bank:

  • Customer Service: 503.293.4037
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Iberia Bank:

  • Customer Service: 800.682.3231
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MasterCard ®:

  • Customer Service: 800.622.7747
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TD Bank:

  • Customer Service: 888.751.9000
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  • Customer Service: 800.531.USAA
Apply Here for USAA Credit Cards

Visa ®:

  • Customer Service: 800.847.2911
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Wells Fargo:

  • Customer Service: 800.642.4720
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