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The Many Cards of Exxon Mobile

The Many Cards of Exxon Mobile

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For Exxon Mobil gas customers, there are many credit card options to choose from to earn rewards for their purchases. Exxon Mobil card users can save a little extra money at the pump while enjoying some special accounting features and other conveniences. Here’s an overview of what these cards have to offer in terms of their pros and cons.

Exxon Mobil Smart Card

Cardholders will save 6¢ per gallon when they purchase a minimum of 45 gallonsexxon-mobile-credit-card of Exxon or Mobil branded fuel within one month. Cardholders will also save 6¢ per gallon on their first gallon – up to 100 gallons – every month. The savings on eligible purchases will be applied as a credit to monthly billing statements. Added benefits for Exxon Mobil Smart Card members include pay-at-the-pump convenience, $0 Fraud Liability, ATM cash access, Citi Identity Theft Solutions, and online account management. Card features include:

  • No annual fee
  • Purchase APR is 24.99%
  • Cash Advance APR is 29.95%
  • Cash advance fee is $10 or 5% of the amount of the advance, whichever is greater.

Exxon Mobil Preferred Smart Card

The preferred version of the Smart Card comes with essentially the same fee structure and gas purchase savings program, but it’s geared towards the frequent traveler by providing reward opportunities for travel purchases. Those include:

  • 10% cash back on hotel/motel stays
  • 5% cash back on airline travel and top cruise lines
  • 5% cash back on car rentals

Additional travel benefits include free, 24/7 travel agency services that includes a personal travel consultant, dining and entertaining discounts, flight insurance and common carrier insurance, and access to up to $1,000 of emergency cash and or airline tickets. I don’t often come across a credit card that’s associated with a brand (non-airline) or store that is packed with these kinds of travel benefits.

The Exxon Mobil Preferred Smart Card carries an annual fee of $29. In order to be eligible for this card, however, you must use the ExxonMobil Preferred Smart Card Travel Agency. Although the discounts are generous these rewards do have limitations compared to a full-fledged credit card rewards program.

Speedpass Technology Feature

Card members also enjoy the convenience of Speedpass – a key ring tag that processes your transactions at the gas pump, Exxon location cash register, or at selected Exxon car wash facilities. Just by pointing the card, your information is transferred wirelessly so you don’t even have to take your ExxonMobil Smart Card out of your wallet. Due to security safeguards you may have to punch in your zip code into the keypad on the pump, but you still won’t need to swipe your credit card.

Exxon Mobil Business Card

With the Exxon Mobil Business Fleet Card you receive features to help manage payments and invoices, set restrictions on types of purchases made, set spending limits on drivers, and receive alerts when drivers are not using the card according to company policy. You also receive rebates on purchases as follows:

Gallons Purchased per Billing Period Rebate per Gallon
Less than $500 1 cent
$500-$3,999 3 cents
$4,000-$6,999 4 cents
$7,000-$9,999 5 cents
More than $10,000 cents

There is a $10 charge per month for participating in this program, which the card issuer calls a “monthly accounting fee.” The interest rate charged on the card is based on a weekly or monthly periodic rate of 26.99%, however, which is very high. There is also a $40 fee to establish an account and a $2 monthly charge for each card. I always like to point out when the terms and conditions are somewhat hidden or arranged in a way and that’s exactly how it is with this card. The terms and conditions are buried and it’s both difficult and annoying trying to find the right information.

 Exxon Mobil Fleet National Card

Another credit card associated with Exxon Mobil is the Fleet National Card, exxon mobil card which is accepted at 90% of fueling stations in the USA. This card comes with a number of features to help track driver spending habits, get real-time alerts if drivers spend outside company policies, and to make receipt gathering and bookkeeping easier.

You can set purchase limits on each card account, for instance, and track what kind of fuel is purchased. You’ll also save six cents per gallon for the first 12 billing periods, but the terms and conditions fail to state if the 6 cent savings per gallon will drop or go away completely.

The interest rate charged with this card is the same weekly or monthly periodic rate of 26.99%, as with the business version of this card. There is also a $40 fee to establish an account and a $2 monthly charge for each card.

Bottom Line

If you buy Exxon Mobil fuel exclusively, the Smart Cards and Speedpass features may be appealing, due to convenience and savings, but that’s not much compared to other gas reward credit cards. One major disadvantage is that neither of these cards are full-fledged credit cards, so they are only accepted at Exxon affiliated retail locations. The APR is also extremely high, making these cards rather expensive compared to other gas rewards cards that are accepted everywhere.

Meanwhile, the Exxon Mobil fleet cards are both charge cards, not full-fledged credit cards, and they have miscellaneous fees associated with them. While there are some savings on purchases of gas, that feature is somewhat limited. Most businesses would probably be better served by using a full-fledged credit card with a robust rewards program attached to it. There are many cards from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover to choose from that offer business perks and features that may be more useful.

*Editorial Note: Any opinions, analyses, reviews or recommendations expressed in this article are those of the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any card issuer.

*The content in this article is accurate at the publishing date, and may be subject to changes per the card issuer.

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