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50,000 point Southwest Plus offer live again and easy to find

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The 60,000 point Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus credit card was live for a limited time, and beats the 50,000 point deal that used to come and go for this card.

The offer was available with a spending requirement of $2,000 on the card in the first 3 months, and with a $69 annual fee that’s not waived.

Now, the offer is for 50,000 points – not as high as the 60,000 point deals from 2017, but still an attractive bonus.

If you don’t care about earning Southwest Companion Pass, and just want points for your Rapid Rewards account, the biggest intro deals are for the Chase Sapphire Preferred (50k) and Ink Business Preferred (80k). Both earn points you can transfer directly into your Southwest Rapid Rewards account anytime.

For a while the only way to get the 50k or higher Southwest Plus deal was to be referred by a friend, but now it looks like it’s cycling between offers for 40k and 60k.

Other times the 50,000 Plus deal was online, you had to take some extra steps to find it, because the deal was only accessible by clicking through an offer for the main Premier level card, then scrolling down to find the Plus offer.

Is this worth it?

This is great news if you’re new to Southwest and want to try to earn the Companion Pass, which requires earning 110,000 Qualifying Points in a calendar year. All points earned via a Southwest Rapid Rewards credit card, including introductory sign on bonuses, count toward Companion Pass qualification.

Companion Pass lets you bring a companion along for no additional airfare on every Southwest flight you take for the rest of the year, and all of next year once you qualify. And you can even bring a companion for no additional points on reward reservations.

With the Premier card also offering 50k points right now, you could apply for both the Plus and Premier over time to earn two 50k bonuses, giving you over 100,000 Qualifying Points.

That’s enough to earn the full Companion Pass if you earn the points this year.

We’d recommend applying for the Plus first, as it tends to be less frequently available at the 50,000 point or higher level than the Premier.

There are other reasons to like the Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus card…

If you don’t like annual fees, and don’t travel abroad, the Plus can be a better choice than the Premier, saving you $30 a year on the annual fee, but with a fee for foreign transactions.

You also miss out on 3,000 points each year as the Premier has a 6,000 point anniversary bonus.

Those 3,000 points could be worth more than $30 in Southwest flights when you redeem your points, so consider the lost opportunity there.

But if you’re looking for a second card to separate your expenses, or trying to hit Southwest Companion Pass status, this is a great opportunity to get in on the biggest deal we typically see for this card, and it’s currently available for all three of the Southwest Rapid Rewards credit cards (the Premier, Premier Business, and Plus).

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