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Manage Your Credit With Credit Concierge

Manage Your Credit With Credit Concierge

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Here at CompareCards.com, we are always looking for ways to improve our customer’s financial state in some way, shape, or form. With the launch of our newest service, Credit Concierge, we are striving to bring free credit scores to all consumers.

A push for free access to credit scores is no new topic. Credit score tracking companies have been around since the early 2000’s after companies realized there was a true need for free access to credit scores. The problem with most of these companies, however, was that they would claim to be free, but would then require a credit card to sign up. Naturally, that caused a lot of confusion among potential customers.

What is Credit Concierge?

Credit Concierge is a free credit monitoring service that will allow users to track and monitor their credit profile. Allowing consumers to have free access to their credit score will make them more aware of their current financial state, especially with how they are managing their credit profile.

Each user’s dashboard will include an overview of their credit score, showing how they compare to other consumers in their state and in the United States. Other items you can find on the home page include:

  • Savings Opportunities –This area on the dashboard provides suggestions on how users can save money to better their financial state.
  • Quick Assessment –This explains what negative factors are affecting their credit score.
  • My Accounts –This area has four different tabs you can expand to see more information.
  • Credit Summary -Provides a summary of information contained in the individuals credit report, their debt, and account information
  • Credit Cards –Shows which credit cards are open under that consumer’s name, providing insight into the account status, balance, last payment, date opened, monthly payment, and a payment history going back as far as 48 months.
  • Mortgages –This shows the same info you would find under the credit cards tab, but strictly for mortgages.
  • Installment Accounts –This also shows the same type of information that can be found under the credit cards and mortgages tab, but this one is for other types of installment loans such as student loans or a car loan.

Credit Concierge also pulls a user’s credit report after they sign up, a smart move considering those who have obtained their credit report are more knowledgeable than those who have never obtained their credit report. Consumers can print out their full TransUnion report and review specific tabs that cover their summary, recent inquiries, creditor contact information, and all trade lines (or creditors).

Concierge: Not just in France

The term “concierge” is of French origin and can be more broadly defined as (a) member(s) in charge of special services for guests. When users sign up for Credit Concierge with CompareCards.com, that’s exactly what they can expect to receive. Unlike other credit monitoring services, our users have access to call a credit specialist to answer questions they may have about their credit profile.  Our credit specialists are available during normal business hours M-F from 9-5pm EST.

How do I Sign up?

Signing up is definitely one of the fastest and easiest sign-ups you will encounter. There are a series of 3 simple steps and you’re in!

  • Step 1 –Requires users to enter in their desired screen name, which must be verified for availability and then you choose your password and security question (s).
  • Step 2 –On this step, users will be required to enter in their personal information such as their full name, current address and date of birth.
  • Step 3 –This is the verification step that TransUnion uses to verify the user’s identity.

Overall, the sign up process takes about two minutes and then users have instant access to their credit score and credit report provided by TransUnion, all free of charge, no credit card required! This comes at a perfect time when Richard Cordray, the Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), urged lenders earlier this year to begin offering free credit scores to all customers.

Let us know what you think about Credit Concierge in the comments section!

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