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Discover Unveils New “Freeze It&#8480” Security Feature

Discover Unveils New “Freeze It&#8480” Security Feature

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It’s no surprise that Discover keeps winning superior customer service ratings and awards. Almost every time you turn around they’re launching another practical, value-added benefit for cardholders to enjoy.

Discover’s latest roll-out is a timely new security feature called Freeze It that allows cardholders to quickly lock their account to prevent fraudulent activity. In the wake of a number of high profile data breaches where consumers had their credit card information stolen by cyber crooks, credit card security has become a top priority for many cardholders and card issuers. If premier security features are at the top of your list for a new credit card, you’ll definitely want to check out Discover and their handy new “Freeze It” tool.

How Freeze It Works

Discover’s new Freeze It feature works much like the traditional way of freezing a credit card, except freezing and un-freezing is instant and there are no limitations. In fact, Discover is marketing their latest cardholder perk as an “on-off switch for the new purchases on your account.” To symbolize the simplicity of this new feature, Discover uses the graphic of a light switch placed in the center of a Discover card, communicating just how easy it is to use Freeze It.

The tool essentially locks down your account to keep anyone, including yourself, from accessing it until you manually un-freeze it. You can initiate the freeze instantly through your online account or by using the secure Discover app on your mobile device. When you feel that it’s safe to resume business as usual, reactivating the account is equally fast and easy. The ease and practicality of Discover’s new Freeze It tool makes you wonder why credit card issuers didn’t think of it sooner!

Why You Might Need It

Should you happen to lose your card by leaving it behind at a store or restaurant, for example, all you have to do to protect yourself from unauthorized charges is Freeze It until it’s safely back in your hands. Even if you have your physical card with you, your information could still be stolen and used to make purchases online by clever hackers. So if you happen to notice suspicious activity on your account, you can use Freeze It to immediately prevent more transactions until you get the issue sorted out. Since you’ll no longer have to call the bank and get them to place a stop on your card, Freeze It not only saves you a lot of time and effort, but it will also give you the confidence of knowing that you don’t have to rely on the bank to protect your account; the power now lies in your hands as well!

FAQ’s About Freezing Your Account

Q: What happens when I freeze my account?

A: Freezing your account tells Discover that you don't want us to authorize new purchases, cash advances or balance transfers until you unfreeze. A frozen account, however, still allows some activity, so you don't miss a merchant-indicated recurring bill payment that you pay with your Discover card. Other activity that will continue after you freeze includes returns, credits, dispute adjustments, payments, Discover protection product fees, other account fees, interest, rewards redemptions and other exempted transactions. Remember, your account number does not change when you freeze your account.

Q: How often can I freeze my account?

A: As much as you need. You can freeze or unfreeze your account in seconds any time you like online or by mobile app or over the phone.

Q: What if I forget to unfreeze my account?

A: We'll remind you a week after you freeze your account if you haven't unfrozen it by then.

Q: What is the difference between Freezing an Account and Temporarily Deactivating a Card?

A: Freezing an Account offers broader protection than Temporarily Deactivating a card. When you Temporarily Deactivate a card, you prevent in-store purchases at point-of-sale terminals. Only the card you choose is temporarily deactivated. Your account number can still be used for online and phone purchases. When you Freeze an account, your account cannot be used to make new purchases in-store, online and by phone and cannot be used for cash advances or balance transfers. All cards on your Discover account will be frozen.

Visit Discover.com for more FAQ’s.

Other Security Layers

No matter what, you're never responsible for unauthorized purchases on your Discover card, and Discover already has a great reputation for closely monitoring their cardholder’s accounts for suspicious activity. Discover has an entire department of Fraud Specialists that offer 24-hour U.S.–based customer service, and they will ship you a new card overnight, free of charge, if you request it. Also, new chip-enabled credit cards, which offer better security than conventional magnetic strip cards, are now available from Discover – if you want one, just contact customer service.

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