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44% of Americans Plan to Apply for Store Credit Card This Holiday Season; Big Jump From 2019

A lot more Americans say they’re likely to apply for a store credit card this holiday season than did in either of the previous two years, according to a new... Read more


The Average Credit Card APR In America Today

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Credit Card Statistics

Consumer credit card balances fell sharply in August, according to the latest consumer debt data from the Federal Reserve. The latest Fed data shows that consumer revolving debt fell at... Read more


About 6 in 10 Cardholders Say They’re Better Off Financially Than Expected When Pandemic Began

Nearly 6 in 10 credit cardholders say they are better off financially today than they expected to be when the pandemic began, according to a new report from CompareCards, although... Read more

Financial Education

Credit Card Confidence Index: 12 Months in Review

Want to talk to Matt about the latest Confidence Index numbers? Email him at [email protected] or reach out via Twitter at @matthewschulz.  Credit Card Confidence Index: A Look at Prior... Read more