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Best Credit Cards for Beginners for August 2020

When it comes to building credit, the earlier the better — and choosing the right starter credit card will help you establish a good credit score. Credit cards for beginners... Read more


Chase Freedom 5% Bonus Category Calendar 2020

Chase Freedom® cardholders can now activate their bonus 5% cashback categories for the third quarter of 2020 — and Whole Foods Market. We’ll review the bonus cashback categories for the... Read more

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Can Checking Your Credit Hurt Your Score?

When you log into your credit card or bank account, you may see the option to check your credit score. If you’ve ever hesitated to open that window out of... Read more

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Discover it Student Cash Back Review

Discover offers two credit cards for students looking for a first card with which to begin building credit: The Discover it® Student Cash Back and the Discover it® Student chrome. The Discover it® Student Cash Back offers a higher cash back... Read more

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What Is Revolving Credit?

Revolving credit is when you repeatedly borrow and repay a portion of funds from a credit line extended to you from a lender. Credit cards are a perfect example of... Read more