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Financial Education

How Crisis Impacts Retirement and Emergency Savings: Q&A With Chad Parks, CEO of Ubiquity Retirement + Savings

During times of crisis, it can be easy to become frantic and consider dipping into savings like 401(k)s to pay off or prevent accumulation of any debt. However, withdrawing from... Read more

Financial Education

4 Resources to Help Teach Kids About Finances

Financial education is crucial to creating smart money habits, which lead to a better quality of life. Poor money habits are difficult to change, so introducing financial basics at an... Read more

Financial Education

8 Tips To Improve Spending Habits and Financial Communication in Relationships

Debt, feeling unhealthy and strained relationships can all negatively impact mental health. With the current pandemic raising awareness around mental health, it is important to reflect on how bad spending... Read more


Dreaming About Puerto Rico? Insights From DiscoverPR for When the Island Reopens

August is typically a month filled with international travel and tropical summer vacations. However, as the COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult for Americans to travel outside of the country,... Read more

Financial Education

Will subscription services dominate the retail shopping experience? Q&A with Rebecca Wang

The COVID-19 crisis quickly altered consumers’ lifestyles and spending habits. Sheltering in place led consumers to rely heavily on delivery services and subscriptions for entertainment and essentials. The impact of... Read more