Money Resource Guide For Kids

"Financial literacy" is just a fancy way of saying that someone understands money. Even though kids don't have lots of money and bills to pay, it's still important to learn about money. Someday, you will need to make decisions about how much money you spend, save, and invest. You can learn valuable lessons about money and finance by playing games, and you'll get better at math, too, since using money is all about being able to add and subtract to see how much you have or how much you need. Some games involve going on adventures and making decisions about budgeting money. Play games with friends or family to become a good money manager.

Moneypalooza! Board Game (PDF)

Play a fun board game that involves making decisions about how you earn and spend money.

Be Smart About Saving (PDF)

A budget should include saving some of your money to use for future expenses or purchases.

Money Management Basics for Kids (PDF)

Practice counting coins and paper money until you know all of the values of different kinds of money.

The Bean Game (PDF)

The bean game helps you learn how to make good choices with your money.

For Me, For You, For Later

Learn about all about spending, sharing, and saving money.

When Will You Be a Millionaire?

Enter the amount of money you want to save and how you will save it to find out when you will be a millionaire.

Ad Decoder Game

Learn how to see through advertisements so you won't be tempted to spend all of your money.

The Basics on U.S. Currency (video)

Watch this video to learn about different denominations of bills and how the government designs them.

Dollar Dive

Watch out for the sea monster as you try to catch coins in the water.

Save Perry's Pennies

Perry needs your help to grab every penny possible and save money.

Make Cents (PDF)

Read about some great ways to learn about money, and then complete a word scramble.

Teaching Kids About Money (PDF)

Use three jars to manage your money. Label one jar "saving," the second jar "spending," and the third jar "sharing."

Clean Up the Money! (PDF)

Grab a few materials and play a simple board game to learn about money.

Kindergarten Money Crossword (PDF)

Solve the money clues and put the answers into this crossword puzzle.

Money Talks (PDF)

Ask a parent to help you fill in the blanks of a saving goal worksheet to make a plan for saving your money.

Money-Smart (PDF)

As you run errands with a parent, play "I Spy" to find all of the different places where people might spend money.

World of Cents

Have fun earning, saving, and spending your cash in this exciting game.

Games to Play With School-Age Children and Youth (PDF)

Practice making change with pennies, nickels, and dimes. Roll a die to see what coins you need to exchange.

Children's Allowances and Other Money Matters (PDF)

Try making rubbings with coins, crayons, and paper to learn about what the different coins look like.

How to Teach Your Kids Money Basics (PDF)

Setting up a store with items, price tags, and play money can be a fun way to learn about money.

11 Ways to Teach Kids How to Save Money (PDF)

After making a plan for saving money, make a chart so you can keep track of your saving progress.

Hands on Banking Instructor Guide Kids' Version (PDF)

Answer questions about earning money to see how much you can make in different situations.

Escape to Barter Island

Set up your own island economy in this fun bartering game.

Making Money Make Sense for Kids (PDF)

Practice counting coins so you know what each one looks like and how to add them together.

What Is Money? (PDF)

It might surprise you to know that money can actually be anything that you might use to trade for something else.

What's Your Money Personality? (PDF)

People have different approaches to handling money. Some people tend to save it, while others may spend more freely.

Learning Coins

Have fun sorting different coins and placing them into a treasure chest.

Blind Penny Hunt

You will need pennies, a blindfold, and paper bags to play this scavenger hunt game with friends.

Coin Pictures (PDF)

Explore the coins on this page to learn what the United States coins look like.

Enough Coins

Decide whether you have enough coins to buy items in this game.

Lemonade Stand

Manage your own lemonade stand by playing this game. You will need to advertise and decide how much you will charge for each glass.

Change Maker

Add up the coins to decide how many you need to pay for items.

Counting Money

Choose the coins and the bills you will need to make various amounts of money in this educational game.

Money Master

Test your money-handling skills with the scenarios in this fun game.

Road Trip to Savings

Hop in the car and take a road trip. You will have to budget your money along the way to succeed.

Groove Nation

Join a dance team for fast-paced competition. You will need to stick to your team's financial budget, though.

Money Tree

Money does grow on trees in this game. Grab money off of trees to practice counting it.

Math Madness

Solve math equations as you try to throw the basketball into the hoop in this fun math game.

Billing Counter

This game gives you objects with prices. You need to figure out how much you would pay to buy the items.

Making Change

Practice making change with money as you work at a pretend pet store.

Shopping Game

You'll get a shopping list in this game. You need to follow the list and spend the least amount of money possible.