6 Reasons You Should Stop Using Your Debit Card Right Now

By Kira Brecht, Updated on Nov 16, 2020

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6 Reasons You Should Stop Using Your Debit Card Right Now

Choosing between a credit or debit card may not seem like a big deal. Beware. If your account is hacked, the difference in how much you can lose is huge.

Debit and credit cards look alike. Yet, a key difference is how they work. A debit card removes money from your bank account, while a credit card adds the purchase amount to your line of credit.  

If you typically use a debit card, it’s time to rethink how you pay. Credit cards are safer, don’t tie up your bank account with “holds,” and offer you perks. You can earn valuable rewards using credit cards and even get an interest-free loan in the form of a 0% intro APR offer. Debit cards can’t do that.

6 reasons credit cards are better than debit cards 

1.     Credit cards are safer

By law, you are only responsible for $50 of unauthorized use on a credit card. And, these days most major credit card issuers have $0 fraud liability.

If a cyber-thief drains money from your bank account through a stolen debit card, it’s difficult to get it back. If you take more than two business days to report debit card fraud you could lose $500. If you take more than 60 days, your entire bank account is at risk.

If you lose your credit card, simply call the company and they will mail a replacement. (Some companies will even overnight a new card for free). It’s no contest. Credit cards beat debit cards hands down in terms of safety.

2.     Credit cards don’t tie up your bank account

Using a debit card to pay for a hotel or rental car can be costly.  Hotels typically put a “hold” on your debit card (and that means your bank account) to cover the estimated balance for your entire stay, plus taxes, fees and incidentals. The amount on hold is often higher than the amount you spend.

After you check out, that hold can stay on your account for up to a week. You may think you have enough money to cover a debit card transaction, but the hold could mean you are overdrawn. You could be declined at the register. Or, your bank could hit you with a big overdraft charge.

Rental car companies do the same thing. When you rent a car with a debit card, a hold is placed on funds in your bank account for the rental charges, plus an extra deposit which can be $200 to $300. If you return the car late or damaged, the rental agreement typically authorizes the rental car company to withdraw money directly from your bank account to cover those costs.

Credit cards don’t lock up funds in your bank account.

3.     Earn valuable rewards

The banks are fighting harder than ever to win customers and are offering substantial rewards to win you over. Do you want cash-back, miles or points for travel or long 0% intro interest? You get to choose.

4.     Improve your credit score

Credit cards are a great way to build your credit history. Your credit score can determine the rate you pay on a mortgage or car loan. The higher your score, the better your terms. The only way to build credit is to use credit. Using a debit card doesn’t help build your credit score.

5.     Credit cards allow you to finance purchases

If you’ve got a big purchase coming up that you need to finance, there are credit cards that offer long 0% intro interest periods. That means you can make a big purchase and take up to a year or even longer to pay off the balance without worrying about interest piling up. Debit cards can’t do that.

6.     Get valuable perks with credit cards

Credit cards offer valuable perks including rental car insurance, first checked bag flies free, or purchase protection policies.  Some cards also offer an extra year of warranty protection when you pay with your card. Debit cards can’t do that.

Top Credit Card Offers Available Now

If you pay with debit cards, it’s time to make the switch to credit. Even if you already have a credit card, there’s a good chance you can get a much better deal. Choose a big cash sign-up bonus, 2 miles per every dollar spent or over a year of 0% interest. 

We’ve done the research. Here are the top credit card offers available now.

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