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Im curious what a good credit card will be for a college student with not the best credit. Thanks

- Asked May 22 , 2018


There are many options for people with less than great credit, especially students! For a student with fair credit, take a look at the Discover it® Student Cash Back with no annual fee!


My daughter in college is looking to start to establish some credit. What's the best option for her since she doesn't want or need a large limit or annual fees

- Asked Aug 24 , 2016


It is a great idea for your daughter to begin building credit while in college and any number of student credit cards would be a good fit for her. The Discover it® Student Cash Back and the Jouney Student Rewards from Capital One are two of the best options. Both cards come with no annual fee and a number of helpful perks to get your daughter started on the right foot for building credit.


I'm looking for a credit card for my daughter going to college - she has no credit history - her school has a citibank atm - she has a capital one debit card so I think she'll get hit with fee when she makes withdrawels - Is there a credit card that she can us to earn cash back/or travel? she would use it for food/entertainment/cell phone and i tunes thank you.

- Asked Aug 10 , 2016


Getting a student credit card while in college is an excellent way to begin build credit and forming good habits. Check out this blog post where we highlighted the best credit cards for students! One of the most popular student credit cards is the Discover it® Student Cash Back. This card comes with a great cash back program, no annual fee, and a number of other perks that make it a great fit for first time credit card holders.


I have a college aged son looking to apply for his first credit card. What do you recommend?

- Asked May 8 , 2016


There are many student credit cards that would be a good fit for your son. The Discover it® Student Cash Back and the Journey Student Rewards Card from Capital One are both great options that come with no annual fee and cash back rewards. Which ever card you son goes with, the best thing he can to do build credit is to make sure he always pays his bill on time and in full. 


Do I need to be a student to apply for a student credit card, and will I have to change credit cards when I graduate?

- Asked Jan 23 , 2015


Student credit cards are specialty products designed for the needs of young adults with limited credit histories. Therefore, these cards will less stringent credit history requirements, but may also have higher interest rates and offer few rewards. In some cases, card issuers will require applicants to be full-time or part-time students, but not always.


Once approved, there is no requirement that student credit card users remain students. So should you graduate, or just take some time off of school, there will be no need to close your account. Nevertheless, once you have been using a student credit card, and have a good record of making on-time payment, then you should be able to qualify for a non-student credit card with more favorable terms.