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What is he $0 fraud liability mean...that we would not be liable in case of fraud, or we would be liable in case of fraud...when comparing cards using tool?

- Asked Feb 5 , 2016


The Fair Credit Billing Act of 1974 limits cardholder liability to $50 in the event of fraud, but in nearly all cases card issuers will waive that amount by offering a $0 liability policy. 


Hi. I am trying to book a train ticket and in the process of doing so I've had to do some security forms for my HSBC visa debit card. It says 'Please create your Verified by Visa Password to complete registration and make your purchase.' But I cannot because when I press enter it says I must create a personal greeting... but how do I create a personal greeting? Please help! Thank you

- Asked Jul 12 , 2015


To create a personal greeting for the Verified by Visa program, you will have to go to the site of the company that issued your debit card, in this case HSBC. To do so, go to, and click on the SecureCode logo (at top of this page). Once there, enter your 16-digit card number in the card number field, answer a few questions to verify your identity, set your personal greeting and you are ready to go. This will help you to avoid this problem in the future while making your transactions more secure.


Can I get the Citi Double Cash card with my picture on it?

- Asked Mar 31 , 2015


Citi Bank's service where they put your picture on the card is called Photocard, but they do not offer it on all of their products. This feature is not listed as a benefit for their new Citi Double Cash card. Frankly, I have never seen the benefit of this service. Credit card users are protected from fraud under the Fair Credit Billing Act of 1974, which limits customers to $50 of liability. Yet most card issuers, including Citi, waive even that amount by having $0 liability policies. Citi also offers Their  Identity Theft Solutions program to assist you if you become a victim of identity theft, as well as 24 hour alerts for fraud protection and a Lost Wallet Service that can provide you with emergency cash.


Finally, relatively little credit card fraud occurs in what is called "card present" transactions, where someone actually has your card, compared to "card not present," which are telephone and Internet transactions. The fact is that to perpetrate a "card present" fraudulent transaction, a card has to be stolen and used before the owner reports it as stolen. Then, criminals need to hope that they are not recorded and identified by security cameras, and that their signature is not compared. The result is that there are three times as many card not present fraud transactions than card present. So if you are interested in the Citi Double Cash card, my advice is to just go for it, and don't worry about the photo.