Money in the Real World

Exercise 1

Choose the best answer.

  • 1. Who is responsible for printing money?
    1. The U.S. Treasury
    2. The Federal Reserve
    3. The bank
    4. Office Depot
  • 2. Who is responsible for getting loans for money in the government?
    • The President
    • The U.S. Treasury
    • The Vice President
    • The Federal Reserve
  • 3. Why does the government need loans?
    • They do not have enough paper to print money on
    • They do not know how to print money
    • Printing more money decreases the value of existing money.
    • They need loans to keep the value of money high.
  • 4. Which of these options is not a way to get money?
    • Go to a bank
    • Use a credit card
    • Plant a money tree
    • Deposit a check