Money in the Real World

Where Does Money Come From?

How You Get Money

You don’t drive down to U.S. Treasury every time you need money for something. Instead, you either get it from a bank, check, loan, credit card, or from someone else, like your parents. All of these options will allow you to take out money, also known as cash.

Bank teller and customer When you get an allowance from your parents or start working as an adult, you can also hold your money in a bank account and use a check or debit card to take money out. You can place checks from other people, called a deposit, into your bank account to store for later use. When you have a job, you will receive money in the form of a paycheck, which can also be placed in your bank account for later use.

Money, or currency, can come in many forms, such as dollars checks, coins, and money orders. If you have ever visited another country, you may have noticed their money looks different. Here are a few examples:

Canadian Currency - Cash from Canada
Australian Currency - Cash from Australia
East African Currency - Cash from East Africa