The Ultimate Guide to Credit Cards

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"Be careful not to fall into balance transfer credit card traps."

If you are not careful to understand all of the terms and conditions of your card, you might wind up paying more than you actually save. It is also possible to use up so much of your credit limit that you damage your credit score, which can result in higher interest rates on all lines of credit.

Perhaps the worst, but most common pitfall for consumers is that they start to rely too heavily on balance transfers as a way to temporarily postpone the inevitable task of paying off their credit card balances. They get into the habit of simply switching their debt back and forth between cards, and by doing this they incur lots of extra charges without accomplishing debt reduction.

If you decide to do a balance transfer, use a free calculator to crunch the numbers, and then make a plan to reduce your debt in a timely and responsible manner. You’ll feel better, have more money in your pocket, and will wind up with a credit card that offers competitive low interest rates.

Adults with Good to Excellent Credit

If you are an adult with good to excellent credit, there are a multitude of rewards cards available for you to take advantage of. These cards offer rewards to consumers in the form of cash back, miles, or reward points in exchange for using their credit card. Some cards offer one specific kind of reward, and others offer a variety of rewards throughout the year. It is important to know what you spend the most money on and choose a card that will reward you for making those purchases. Below are the most common types of rewards cards available.

    credit card rewards
  • Cash back credit cards
  • General reward points credit cards
  • Credit card rewards based on rotating categories
  • Air miles/travel rewards cards
  • Everyday credit cards
  • Entertainment rewards cards
  • Credit cards with bonus offers
  • Credit cards with premium benefits and services

There are a variety of rewards cards available for those with good to excellent credit. The trick is figuring out which one is best for you based upon your needs and current lifestyle. It is for this reason that we have put together a second eBook on rewards credit cards that can help you determine the best rewards card for you. Please visit to download your ultimate guide to rewards cards today!