15 Traveling to Cuba: An American Perspective

Commentary & Conclusions

Whether you’re passionate about history, food, relaxing on the beach, or escaping to the mountains, Cuba has something that every traveler can enjoy. A CompareCards journalist, Thomas, recently traveled to Cuba under these new regulations. According to Thomas, traveling to this charming island nation comes with a handful of unique challenges.

With the absence of cell phone service, internet access, and a credit card infrastructure, exploring Cuba can certainly feel like you’ve taken a step back in time. This nostalgic effect makes the Cuban way of life much simpler than the busy daily hustle that Americans are so used to. The key to experiencing the trip of a lifetime when you visit Cuba is to know what to expect and to remain flexible.

As diplomatic relations change and travel restrictions ease, the number of Americans planning to travel to Cuba is expected to increase. It’s also expected that many changes will occur that will make traveling to Cuba significantly easier for Americans. Some of the changes include:

  • Both countries will have an official embassy.
  • Technology will improve.
  • American businesses (including telecommunication, internet, banks, etc.) will expand business operations in Cuba.

Until then, if you find yourself in Cuba, don’t let the challenges unnerve you. Instead, take some time to chat with one of the local fisherman that always line the Malecón or visit an authentic “paladar” restaurant for a homemade meal and just enjoy your time off the grid. Cuba is a fascinating country to explore.

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