Racking Up Credit Rewards
  • Visa Signature Entertainment. This program offers discounts to a variety of popular attractions around the world including theme parks and aquariums. In addition, discounts are available for city tours, scenic cruises, and helicopter tours through Cloud9 Living.
  • Visa Signature Fine Wine & Food. Cardholders receive discounts to restaurants and other gourmet food purchases. For example, Visa Signature cardholders are offered complimentary wine tastings throughout wineries within the Sonoma Valley of California. Other benefits include free drinks or appetizers at select fine restaurants.
  • Visa Signature Shopping. The Visa Signature shopping program features benefits and discounts at a wide variety of merchants including 10% off at JC Penny, as well as free shipping from both Macy’s and The Home Depot.
  • Visa Signature Sports. Sports fans and participants can receive discounts on different activities from Cloud9 Living including a stock car ride, a balloon ride, or a tandem skydiving experience. In addition, discounts apply to purchases from retailers such as and
  • Visa Signature Travel. Travel benefits include access to the Visa Signature Luxury Hotel Collection. When booking through this service, cardholders are eligible to receive discounted room rates, room upgrades, free breakfast, early check-in and late check-out, dining and spa credits and other perks. Other benefits include discounts on rental cars, airport shuttles, and limousine services.
  • Warranty Manager Service. Do you ever wonder what warranties you have for your various purchases? By registering your purchases with this warranty manager service, cardholders, can keep track of all this information and be eligible to receive an additional year of warranty coverage.
  • Travel Accident Insurance. Visa Signature cardholders automatically receive a minimum of $250,000 of coverage when they charge their travel to their card. Coverage applies to any common carrier transport which includes taxis, busses, and trains, but not aircrafts.
  • Lost Luggage Reimbursement. This policy covers cardholders due to loss or damage by the carrier of up to $3,000. This insurance only applies after you have received whatever reimbursement you can from the airlines, which may be insufficient to replace your belongings.
  • » World MasterCard: Holders of cards labeled World MasterCard are able to access a range of exclusive benefits including:
  • Concierge Service. This service offers personal assistance for just about any travel or shopping need. For example, they can make dinner reservations, find event tickets, and even arrange for the purchase and delivery of gifts. This service is available over the telephone 24 hours a day, every day of the year.
  • Price Protection. When cardholders find a lower price on an eligible purchase, they will be reimbursed. Just be sure to check your cardholder agreement to learn the limitations of this policy.