Racking Up Credit Rewards
  • Alaska Airlines: Offers a Charity Miles Program that’s affiliated with charities that accept miles such as Angel Flight West, Hero Miles, Dream Foundation, and more. Mileage Plan members of Alaska Airlines can donate miles.
  • American Airlines: Allows cardholders to donate miles to a select few charities. There is a minimum donation requirement of 1,000 miles.
  • Delta Airlines: Allows cardmembers to donate their SkyMiles through their SkyWish program. A maximum of five charities can be selected and processed at one time and they are non-tax deductible.
  • Hawaiian Airlines: This airline will match up to a half million miles to each participating charity. Hawaiian Miles can be donated online to ten participating charities.
  • U.S. Airways: Dividend Miles earned from U.S. Airways can be donated through Miles of Hope, which is affiliated with five charities.
  • United Airlines: Donate your MileagePlus Miles to a rather large list of charities. There is a minimum donation requirement of 500 miles per donation and donations are non-tax deductible.

Credit Cards Made with Charities in Mind

Some rewards credit cards will give you bonus points for charitable donations.

  • Bank of America: They offer two cards specifically for charities, the Susan B. Komen Foundation and the World Wildlife Fund. The Susan B. Komen Credit Card will receive a minimum of $3 for each new account that’s activated within the first 90 days, Bank of America will donate 20 cents per dollar spent on net retail purchases on the card, and will also donate $1 each card anniversary. The World Wildlife Fund Credit Card will receive $5 for each new open and active card account, WWF will receive 25 cents per dollar on all net retail purchases, and an additional $5 will be donated each year the card is renewed.
  • The HaloCard: This card is 100% designed for charity donations and the donations are 100% tax deductible. The HaloCard allows cardmembers to donate 1% of their purchases to a charity of their choice, which they can change at any time. You must receive an Invitation Code to apply, but both consumers and businesses are able to get a new account.

Regardless of whether you are an individual consumer, business owner, military service member, or involved in a charitable organization, you can save money on the things you need most just by charging items to your credit card and paying off the balance. Of course, you will have to make sure the carrying costs of the card do not exceed its rewards. If you manage your money correctly, a rewards program can be very valuable. In the next section, we will take you through the process of redeeming rewards and the program considerations that are required by some rewards cards.