Racking Up Credit Rewards

Free Tripit Pro Membership

One of the most interesting travel perks is a free TripIt Pro membership, which normally costs $49 a year, but comes complimentary with some credit cards. TripIt Pro is a travel service for the digital age, catering to the airline traveler. The service sends helpful information and alerts about travel to your cell phone or computer. Some of the services you can expect with this membership include:

  • Real-time flight alerts
  • Detailed daily itinerary
  • Seat tracking
  • Alternative flight search if your current flight is delayed or changed
  • Fare monitoring

Top of the Line Travel Assistance from AMEX

American Express is the way to go if you want the real white-glove, 5-star treatment. Platinum and Centurion cardmembers have access to Premium Global Assist, which provides a long list of benefits in addition to the standard travel hotline services. With Premium Global Assist, for example, you may be eligible for paid emergency medical evacuation to transport you or a family member to the nearest medical facility in the event of illness or injury while traveling. This won’t cover medical care beyond what is performed during the medical evacuation and it won’t pay to transport your belongings or luggage – but it can be a nice benefit. The other perks provided under the Premium Global Assist program are numerous and, in some cases, rather luxurious. You’ll have to have fabulous credit and fork over hefty annual fees for these cards, but if you travel often and enjoy valuable freebies, this program may be for you

Additional Insurance Options and Protections

It’s important to carry a card that offers zero fraud liability and other protections during travels or in case an emergency arises.

These additional benefits include insurance options and protections that apply for the purchases made with that specific credit card. The most common added benefits are:

  • $0 Fraud Liability
  • Extended Warranty Protection
  • Purchase Protection
  • Auto Rental Insurance
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Travel Assistance
  • Travel Accident Insurance

It’s important to know the difference between each of these benefits and to have a clear understanding of what protections they offer. For example, $0 Fraud Liability and Dispute Resolution may sound similar, but are completely different protection options. The same applies to Travel Assistance and Travel Accident Insurance. Travel Assistance is used for situations where you need assistance with emergency situations such as a lost passport. Travel Accident Insurance is coverage in case you’re involved in an accident while traveling.