You’re a Credit Card Owner. Now What?


The messenger between a merchant and a credit card issuer.
asset allocation:
How your money is divided among asset classes such as stocks, bonds, and short-term investments.
billing statement:
A summary of your transactions made in one month, usually displaying how much you owe.
compound interest:
Interest calculated on both the principal interest and the accrued interest.
Spreading your money amongst various types of investments within an asset class (different kinds of stocks and different kinds of bonds).
The bank or credit card company that issues the credit card.
line of credit:
An account offered in exchange for trust that a card user will pay back its balance.
stop payment:
A request made by the account holder to a financial institution to stop a payment that has not been processed yet.
unauthorized charges:
A charge made by someone other than you or another authorized card holder. The cardholder is usually not held responsible.