You’re a Credit Card Owner. Now What?

How to Get out of Credit Card Debt

Budgeting for Credit Card Debt

Ideally, you should turn your credit card debt into a bill, just like your rent and electricity. If you see it as something that you can pay overtime, you’re going to put it off like you do a test for an “extra” class in college. Prioritize the debt with everything else. If you want to save money to pay it off all at once, calculate how much you can logically afford to put back each week and stick to that. If you want to make payments on the card, commit to a certain amount every time you get paid. Any time you have extra money lying around, send it towards your payoff funds

Couple budgeting

Along the way, you will be tempted to buy things that you want, rather than paying off your credit card debt. This is where self-control comes into play. Focus on the relief you will feel when you no longer have to worry about credit card debt and let that overpower your temptations. You can buy what you want after your credit card is clear.