College Finance 101: How to make it to graduation without student debt

Junior and Senior High School Students

Junior and senior years are exciting. Anticipation continues to build as high school graduation draws closer. However, it can also be an overwhelming time as you begin thinking seriously about the major educational and financial decisions ahead of you.

Purchasing a car, choosing a college to attend and getting a job are just some of the many decisions you may be facing at this time. Unfortunately, your responsibilities are only going to increase as you continue to move into adulthood. You’ll be paying for college, building credit, budgeting and paying bills, all on your own. So at this stage in the game, it is important to prepare so that you’re not scrambling to regain control when life takes off running full speed ahead.

College Prep 102

Below are some tips and practical ways to help prepare for college during your junior and senior year of high school.

  • Apply for Scholarships and Grants. During your junior year of high school it is important to start applying for scholarships and grants to absorb some of the cost of financing your college education.

Resources like,, and are great for grants and scholarships.

For those of you with limited time on your hands, check out our list of 20 scholarships with easy applications

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