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Financially Literate Youth Grant Program

Please have a copy of your Grant Application and on hand to draft your report. If you require a copy or have any questions concerning your grant report, contact us at [email protected].

We have indicated an approximate word count for each answer. However there is no need to be constrained by this number. We have also indicated which questions can be answered in point form.

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Final Report

Thank you! Your final report has been submitted.

Project Information

Explanation of Outcomes

The answers to these questions provide an overview of the original intent of the grant and compares how the project/curriculum did versus what was initially intended. They also provide insight into how this grant affected students served.

Lessons Learned

This section is intended to encourage you to reflect on what you have learned from project implementation.

Future Plans

We are interested in knowing if a program or project will continue in the future, and if it will, how you intend to secure future funding. We also want to know if others will have an opportunity to learn from the efforts of this program or curriculum.

Budget Information

Please provide a budget with revenue sources and all expenditures detailed. Please ensure your financial report shows how you specifically used the grant from CompareCards.

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Please attach photos taken that convey the impact of your project/curriculum (up to 10) and a link to any relevant videos, if applicable.

We would appreciate seeing samples of material that show how you have shared the news about the project/curriculum with others, such as a press releases or news items, brochures, newsletters, link on school website, or flyers.

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Other Comments

We are interested in finding ways to improve how we operate our grant program. Your feedback will be considered and is very much appreciated!