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Walmart Business Credit Card

Walmart Business Credit Card


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  • APR 15.05%
  • Penalty APR 24.99% delinquency rate


  • Click "APPLY NOW" to apply online
  • In-store charge card offered to businesses
  • Receive an itemized statement

Expert Reviews

From the Editorial Team

This is an in-store charge account card offered to businesses. Card membership entitles you to shop at Walmart and make purchases with the card, and then pay off the card balance at your convenience.

Expert Reviews of the Walmart Business Credit Card

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The Bottom Line

If your business buys often from Walmart, this card may be convenient for managing your finances and accounts. But you may be better served by applying for a Walmart Business Mastercard, because it offers you the added convenience of a full-fledged credit card plus special discounts on some purchases.

The Good

Having a charge card for your business is a convenient way to shop or have your employees shop, without using cash. Since you receive an itemized monthly statement, that simplifies accounting by helping you track each purchase made at Walmart. The APR for purchases is 15.05%, which is pretty reasonable and there is no annual fee.

The Not So Good

The card is only useful at Walmart stores and can only be used for legitimate business purchases, according to the terms of the card agreement.

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