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Wall Street Journal subscriptions with miles: get 8+ cents a mile in value

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The last year has been marked by a drumbeat of news about devaluations of your miles and how much harder it can be to use your miles for flights.

But one great mileage value that’s been spared is subscribing for newspapers and magazines.

There are a bunch available at MagsforMiles.com and you’ll probably not care much for most of them.

But subscriptions to the Wall Street Journal are incredibly valuable.

You can get a year’s worth of the Wall Street Journal in print for as few as 3,200 miles.

Without miles a cash discounted Wall Street Journal subscription costs $12 for 3 months…then $28.99 / month after that.

So it would cost you $273 in your first year.

Using miles the savings give you an incredible 8.5 cents per mile in value. And that’s comparing to a discounted introductory rate, even though existing subscribers are also eligible to subscribe with miles.

Until recently, you could go online to MagsforMiles.com to use Alaska, American, Delta, Frontier, Hawaiian, Spirit, and United miles to pay for a WSJ subscription.

But as of February, 2017 all new subscriptions via the website are on hold.

There is an offline workaround that has been hit or miss.

If you call MagsforMiles on 1-877-645-6806 and press ‘0’ to get past the phone menus, you can get a live agent to try to order the subscription with your miles.

Prices are:

  • 3,200 miles / 304 issues
  • 2,700 miles / 228 issues
  • 1,800 miles / 152 issues

Hopefully having to call in for other airlines online is just a temporary change, though pages that listed the WSJ for American and Delta miles changed to a different address, only to have the WSJ disappear again shortly afterward.

As for digital subscriptions, these are all now print-only subscriptions.

But if you’re okay with that, here’s another tip.

You can order up to 3 years at a time. Just place 3 orders and Mags for Miles will simply extend your subscription. Or simply renew whenever you’d like. Your subscription starts about 4 – 6 weeks after buying them with your miles.

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