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Top 7 Smartphone Apps for Debt Relief

Top 7 Smartphone Apps for Debt Relief

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Debt relief. There's an app for that. Actually, there are dozens of apps for money management, financial planning, credit card accounts, and much more. You can download as many as you like as long as they keep you on the right financial track.

We have compiled a list of the top seven smartphone apps for debt relief. Some of these cost money to use, but others are completely free! Check out your options and see what you may want to try.

Top 7 Debt Relief Apps

National Debt ReliefDebt Free App – National Debt Relief recently released the Debt Free App to help people learn solutions to get out of financial trouble. This app features an assortment of helpful tools and information to show you how to pay off your debt and get back on your financial feet. The original app was $.99, but this one is totally free! The only catch is that it is not available for iPhones just yet. For users on the Android market though, this is a great opportunity to receive free debt counseling and professional support, all from a simple cell phone.

Be Debt FreeBe Debt Free – Be Debt Free is a unique app from PicsAlive that allows you to input information about your debts so you can see what the best payoff options are. You can see which repayment paths will lead to high interest payments and which ones will take the least amount of time to complete. It costs $3.99 to download, but it can save you from a lot of complicated time with the calculator. Once you find out which repayment method is ideal for you, all you have to do is follow it toward financial freedom.

Debt Relief SolutionsDebt Relief Solutions – Debt Relief Solutions is essentially a text book on your smartphone. It explains how to get out of debt, chapter by chapter, so you can follow the exact steps you need to take to get back on your feet. The app costs $1.99 to download, but there is a free version that you can test out before you pay for the real thing. That comes with a free puzzle that puts a fun twist on money management.

Debt CrisisDebt Crisis – Your Guide to Debt Relief – This is an insightful manual that guides users through the process of debt relief. You can learn how to prioritize your debt, how to deal with creditors, how to make full use of your rights, and more. The app costs $.99 to download, but it is full of important information you won't find anywhere else. By the time you complete the course, you should know just which steps to take to get out of debt for good.

Debt Relief GuideDebt Relief Guide – Much like the title implies, the Debt Relief Guide is a guide to helping you get relief from your current debts. It focuses on helping you clear up your bills and find money you didn't even know you had. It costs $1.36 to download, but it could potentially reveal savings that far exceed that. If worse comes to worse, you don't lose much by giving it a try.

Debt FreeDebt Free – Pay Off Your Debt with Debt Snowball Method – This is a guide that shows how you can pay off your debts using the snowball method. This is a form of debt repayment that involves paying the smallest balances first and working your way up to the large ones. If you have never given this process a try, you can use this iPhone app to get started. The full version costs $1.99 to use, but iPhone users have given it great reviews so far. Test it out for yourself!

Money Management ProMoney Management Pro – If the guides above don't do the trick, you could always download a great money management app to keep track of your expenses. Money Management Pro is one of the top rated apps on the Android market and it will allow you to see just what you are spending your money on. When you see what may be leading to your debt, you can control your finances and hopefully get to a better state. That is all relative to how well you use the app.

Editorial Note: Any opinions, analyses, reviews or recommendations expressed in this article are those of the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any card issuer.

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