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How to find Qatar Airways award space online with the least hassle

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Qatar Airways, with its hub in Doha, is a member of OneWorld alliance. As such, you can book flights on Qatar Airways with American Airlines AAdvantage® miles, British Airways Avios, and miles of other OneWorld airlines like Cathay Pacific Asia Miles. Qatar has a good number of route available from the US, but you need to know where to search for award space in order to determine if flying Qatar will help with flights for your trip. Here is everything you need to know to find Qatar Airways award space.

Routes from the US

Qatar flies from 10 cities in the US: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles,  Miami, New York – Kennedy, Philadelphia, and Washington – Dulles.

From Doha it is possible to connect to approximately 150 destinations around the world directly on Qatar Airways.

Where to Search for Space

Unfortunately, Qatar Airways award space is not the easiest to search for. Even if you are looking to use American Airlines miles when you book your award ticket, you will not be able to search for Qatar’s award space on American Airlines’ site.

The two easiest ways to search for Qatar Airways award space are using British Airways’ site or using the Award Traveler Tool.

British Airways

Searching for award space on the British Airways site is effective because many partners, including Qatar Airways, show up, but time consuming because there is no way to directly search more than one day at a time. Rather, you will need to search each route you are interested in flying on each day you are willing to travel. If you have a flexible schedule, this can mean many many many searches need to be completed in order to find an award ticket that works for you. If you are less flexible in your schedule, the number of searches needed to be completed is more minimal.

Say, for example, that you are looking to travel from the US to Qatar. There are ten long-haul route options. If you absolutely must travel on August 5, there are only ten searches you need to complete (one for each route, all on August 5). If instead you are flexible during the entire month of August, you now may need to complete hundreds of separate searches (one for each route (10), on each day during the month), which can get cumbersome fast.

Award Finder Tool

A more convenient way to search for award space on British Airways’ site is to use the Award.flights AwardFinder tool.

AwardFinder allows you to input multiple routes and will search multiple days in an automated fashion. In this case we can search all of the routes from the US to Doha that are available as direct flights on Qatar Airways and we can tell AwardFinder to search from August 1 and for the next 30 days.

It is important to correctly input the number of people you hope to find award flights for and which class of service you are interested in flying in.

AwardFinder will come back with a display of all of the routes and days that have availability that fit your criteria. It can take a long time for AwardFinder to complete the entire search as it is running it all through the British Airways site in the same way that you would, but you don’t need to sit there and babysit it.

AwardFinder will search one route at a time across all of the days you have specified before morning on to the next route. In the search below, we have restricted the results to only awards on Qatar Airways that are non-stop. Only the first few dates with availability on the Boston to Doha route are shown, but many more available flights came up in the search.

Depending on the number of searches that are being run, you may be required to enter a CAPTCHA or two in order for your search to continue running.

All in all, AwardFinder is a much faster and easier solution to searching the British Airways site if you need to run more than a handful of searches.

If you would like more details about using AwardFinder, read our full guide to using AwardFinder to find award space on oneworld.

Routing Rules when Booking with American AAdvantage® Miles

When you are looking to book flights on Qatar Airways with American AAdvantage® miles, you will need to follow American Airlines routing rules. You can view our full guide to using American Airlines miles, but here is a summary of routing rules that apply specifically to booking Qatar Airways award space.

American Airlines has some strange routing rules, and they might affect what you are able to book when you are booking flights with Qatar Airways.

  • To reach Africa, you are only allowed to connect in Europe or use Qatar Airways to connect via Doha. Connecting in Qatar will help you avoid paying fuel surcharges on British Airways flights.
  • To reach Australia, you are not allowed to connect in Asia, but you can fly Qatar Airways with a connection in Doha.
  • You cannot connect in Europe or the Middle East for flights to most of Asia, ruling out Qatar as an option for flights from the U.S. India is an exception that lets you connect in the Middle East, so you can use Qatar flights to get from the U.S. to India, but not to the rest of Asia.
  • American Airlines does not allow stopovers on award tickets, but you are able to have an open jaw at your destination.

It is possible to get around these rules, but it requires booking separate awards, which will cost more miles.

All awards that are booked with American Airlines miles on Qatar Airways will be priced according to American Airlines’ Partner Award Chart.

A one-way award from the U.S. to the Middle East or India will cost 40,000 miles in Economy Class or 70,000 miles in Business Class.

And when it comes time to book your award, you’ll need to call AAdvantage® on 1-800-882-8880. There’s no fee to book Qatar awards over the phone.

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