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How the $100 Visa Infinite airfare discount works

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One of the most valuable benefits of The Ritz-Carlton™ Credit Card is an unlimited $100 discount airfare when you book a flight with at least one companion joining you.

This is not one of those useless companion discounts that requires you to book a really expensive full fare ticket. The only real catch is the purchase must be made on the special Visa Infinite Ritz Carlton website and paid for with The Ritz-Carlton™ Credit Card.

Other credit card airfare discounts we’ve seen in the past required special sites that hit you with airfares that are higher than what you’d find if you shopped elsewhere, eating into the value of the discount. But with this Visa Infinite discount, our checks show it’s all very straightforward, with pricing generally in line with buying a ticket at one of the major online travel agencies.

Unfortunately, while the Chase Sapphire Reserve® is a Visa Infinite card, it’s not eligible for this discount air benefit.

Here’s how to search and book a flight using the Visa Infinite site if you are a Ritz Carlton Rewards cardholder. You’ll see that the prices are actually legit, and not inflated.

1. Enter your credentials.

You’ll need your full card number so that they can verify you do indeed hold The Ritz-Carlton™ Credit Card. If you haven’t received the Visa Infinite version of your card, it should still work – many prior Visa Signature Ritz Carlton Rewards accounts were automatically upgraded to Visa Infinite on the back end, so you can take advantage of the benefits with your existing card number.

2. Fill in your flight information.

Remember, only domestic flights count. And yes, Hawaii is our 50th state, so it counts too.

3. Choose your outbound flight.

4. Choose your return flight

5. Review your itinerary and click “Continue” to complete your reservation.

You’ll see the discount applied on the Flight Review page.

How Do the Airfares Compare?

In our experience they were consistent with Kayak and the airline’s own websites. Just remember that Spirit, Allegiant, Southwest, and Frontier are not the part of the Visa Infinite Program. Here is a Miami – Seattle example booking with Alaska and American Airlines flights, just like above.

If you compare with our previous screen, you’ll see they are the same flights and prices the Visa Infinite site found.

Really cheap flights work out similarly well. Our searched for Minneapolis – Chicago made on the Visa site and Kayak also returned identical results. $108 per ticket, so the $100 discount almost makes this a buy one, get one free deal.

What Airlines Are Eligible?

According to the terms and conditions, most airlines are eligible for the promo, but in practice some aren’t visible on the site, like Southwest, Frontier, Spirit, and Allegiant, and there’s no option to book these airlines over the phone. Only website bookings get the discount, though apparently, not all low cost carriers are ineligible, since we found Sun Country Airlines in our search for a flight from Minneapolis.

There aren’t many other restrictions on this benefit, and they actually make sense.

  • Only roundtrip domestic flights are eligible for the discount.
  • The primary cardholder can book from 2 to 5 tickets at a time and get the discount. Solo tickets don’t get a discount.
  • The primary cardholder must be one of the passengers. In other words, you can’t book two tickets for yourself and a companion plus 2-3 other tickets and get two $100 discounts for the same trip.
  • The cancellation/changes are handled by the airline, and the airline’s rules apply.
  • Minimum advance purchase is 1 day.
  • Only Economy Class tickets are eligible, though if the fare permits you can upgrade using the airline’s rules

The full FAQ is here.

Other Terms and Conditions are listed here.

If you travel as a family or couple a few times per year, this benefit can really add up to hundreds of dollars in savings. You get your choice of airlines, the fares are competitive, and the discount applies to anyone traveling with you – not just family members.

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