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Firestone Credit Card Review

Firestone Credit Card Review

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If it’s approaching time to change your car’s tires or you need to make other costly auto service purchases and you favor the auto store Firestone, you may be tempted to open the Firestone Credit Card. This is a store card that can only be used on Firestone purchases. The main draw of this card is the special financing offer, but we recommend avoiding it if you can since it comes with a deferred interest clause.

On top of that, the Firestone Credit Card doesn’t offer cardholders many perks. While it has a $0 annual fee, this card can cost you if you carry a balance since the APR is very high at .

We’ll review the special financing offer provided by the Firestone Credit Card and provide better alternatives for your tire and auto service purchases.

Special financing offers*

The Firestone Credit Card offers one special financing offer:

  • . Applies to purchases of $149 or more. After the interest-free period, there’s a APR.

This offer may seem like a decent deal, but it’s short compared to mainstream credit cards that provide interest-free periods up to 21 months. Plus, alternative cards from the major banks may not have deferred interest, which we explain in detail next.

Watch out for deferred interest

Many store cards charge deferred interest, which means if you take advantage of a special financing option and don’t pay it in full before the promotional interest-free period ends, you will incur all the interest you would’ve been charged during the interest period.

Here are the deferred interest terms for the Firestone Credit Card:

“You will not owe us interest charges that accumulate on six month payment purchases during the delay period if we receive (a) the required minimum payment due by its payment due date for each billing cycle during the delay period and (b) the full amount of your six month payment purchases by the end of the delay period.

If we do not receive the full amount of a six month payment transaction by the end of the delay period, you will owe us interest charges that accumulated (a) on such six month payment purchases during the delay period and (b) on six month payment purchases in the prior billing cycle.”

To avoid deferred interest charges, make sure you pay your entire balance in full before the promotional interest-free period ends. Continuing to carry a balance after the special financing period defeats its purpose and may cause you to fall into debt — the interest rate is very high at APR.

Additional perks

The added benefits of the Firestone Credit Card are limited to exclusive monthly deals and coupons. The lack of perks is yet another reason the Firestone Credit Card isn’t a great offer.

Compare it with the Goodyear Credit Card

If you’re looking for an auto store card that provides more cardholder perks, the Goodyear Credit Card is a decent alternative.

The Goodyear Credit Card and the Firestone Credit Card both offer the same six-month interest-free period with deferred interest, but the Goodyear Credit Card requires you to spend more to qualify — $250 versus the Firestone Credit Card’s $149. Typically, special financing purchases are for high-ticket purchases, so this shouldn’t be much of a deal breaker.

The Goodyear Credit Card shines with the additional perks cardholders can benefit from, which include free tire rotation, rebate offers, oil change discounts and other offers. In comparison, the Firestone Credit Card only offers monthly deals and coupons. If you want a card that can provide you with more perks, the Goodyear Credit Card is a better option.

Here’s a breakdown of the key features of each card:

Firestone Credit Card Goodyear Credit Card
Annual Fee $0 $0
Regular Purchase APR
Special Financing Offer . Applies to purchases of $149 or more. . Applies to purchases of $250 or more.

Better alternative cards for financing tires and auto services

The alternative cards mentioned below provide longer intro periods than the Firestone Credit Card, no deferred interest terms and the ability to use your card on all purchases outside Firestone. Plus, some may offer rewards and other benefits.

For upcoming purchases, cards with 0% APR on purchases:

For existing balances, a balance transfer card:

Bottom line

While there’s a chance you can benefit from the special financing offer provided by the Firestone Credit Card, you’ll be better off with one of the alternative cards mentioned above. Unlike the Firestone Credit Card, those cards don’t have deferred interest and may even earn you rewards on your Firestone purchases while you benefit from an intro 0% APR period.

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