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As data breaches become common, consumers can take heart in numerous safety and anti-fraud features built into major credit cards. Fair or not, security breaches lay the burden on consumers to protect their financial information. Luckily, credit card issuers have rolled out innovative tools that allow consumers to lock down account information, monitor credit and other fraud protection features for free. On this page, we’ll provide you tips for using credit card tools to their full advantage to make yourself less vulnerable to identity theft.

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The Best Credit Cards for Safety and Security Features

Discover it® Cash Back is our top pick for credit card security features.



In our review of credit cards with the best security features, we’ve selected cards that stand out for their consumer privacy and protection features. Our recommendations are broken down by the best for overall security, best for safe shopping online and best for credit monitoring. When deciding which card was best for each category, we weighed the number of security features offered by that credit card issuer and also when the tools were first made available. Read the full round up here.

Reviews of Credit Cards with Best Security Features

Below are reviews of the our picks for credit cards with the top security features.

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