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ANA Mileage Club cheat sheet for using your miles

ANA Mileage Club cheat sheet for using your miles

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ANA Mileage Club, associated with Tokyo-based All Nippon Airways (ANA), is one of the most powerful airline loyalty programs available for international awards since it offers good award prices, a mix of Star Alliance and other redemption partners and a stopover policy that lets you piece together exciting trips. This guide will help you take advantage of the opportunities a transfer to ANA miles can offer.

Airlines you can book with ANA miles

You can use ANA Airways Mileage Club miles to book travel on ANA; Star Alliance members, such as United Airlines, Singapore Airlines or Lufthansa; and ANA non-alliance partner airlines including Etihad Airways or Virgin Atlantic Airways.

Booking on non-alliance member airlines can be only be done by phone by calling ANA at 800-235-9262. Below is a list of regions and the airlines you can book to get there with ANA Mileage Club miles and where you can check for award space.

Region Airline Where to check award space
Africa Egyptair United.com, Fly-ANA.com, Aeroplan.com
Africa Ethiopian Airlines United.com, Fly-ANA.com, Aeroplan.com
Africa South African Airways United.com, Fly-ANA.com, Aeroplan.com
Africa Etihad Airways Etihad.com
Asia Air China United.com, Fly-ANA.com, Aeroplan.com
Asia Air India United.com, Fly-ANA.com, Aeroplan.com
Asia Air Macau Call ANA
Asia ANA Japan United.com, Fly-ANA.com, Aeroplan.com
Asia Asiana Airlines United.com, Fly-ANA.com, Aeroplan.com
Asia Garuda Indonesia FlyingBlue.com
Asia Singapore Airlines Fly-ANA.com, Aeroplan.com
Asia Shenzhen Airlines Fly-ANA.com, Aeroplan.com
Asia Thai Airways International United.com, Fly-ANA.com, Aeroplan.com
Asia Philippine Airlines Call ANA
Asia Vietnam Airlines Call ANA
Europe Adria Airways United.com, Fly-ANA.com, Aeroplan.com
Europe Aegean Airlines United.com, Fly-ANA.com, Aeroplan.com
Europe Air Dolomiti Miles-and-more.com
Europe Alitalia airlines Call ANA
Europe Austrian Airlines United.com, Fly-ANA.com, Aeroplan.com
Europe Brussels Airlines United.com, Fly-ANA.com, Aeroplan.com
Europe Croatia Airlines United.com, ANA.com, Air Canada.com
Europe Eurowings/Germanwings Miles-and-more.com
Europe LOT Polish Airlines United.com, Fly-ANA.com, Aeroplan.com
Europe Lufthansa United.com, Fly-ANA.com, Aeroplan.com
Europe Olympic Air Call ANA
Europe Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) United.com, Fly-ANA.com, Aeroplan.com
Europe Swiss International Air Lines United.com, Fly-ANA.com, Aeroplan.com
Europe TAP Portugal United.com, Fly-ANA.com, Aeroplan.com
Europe Turkish Airlines United.com, Fly-ANA.com, Aeroplan.com
Europe Virgin Atlantic Airways Delta.com
Latin America Avianca United.com, Fly-ANA.com, Aeroplan.com
Latin America Copa Airlines United.com, Fly-ANA.com, Aeroplan.com
North America Air Canada United.com, Fly-ANA.com, Aeroplan.com
North America United Airlines United.com, Fly-ANA.com, Aeroplan.com
Pacific Air New Zealand United.com, Fly-ANA.com, Aeroplan.com

Credit cards that earn ANA miles

There is an ANA Card U.S.A. Visa® Credit Card, but it doesn’t provide the cardholder with any sensible benefits.

However, ANA Mileage Club is one of 18 American Express Membership Rewards® partners that allows you to transfer your points to miles at a 1:1 ratio. The airline is also a Marriott Bonvoy™ partner, where points can be transferred at a 3:1 ratio.

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How much do awards cost?

ANA has separate prices for awards on its own flights versus partner airlines such as United or Lufthansa. For awards on its own flights, ANA uses seasonal price charts that vary based on the time of year you plan to travel. One-way awards are not available with ANA miles; these prices are for round-trip flights.

ANA award chart

These prices are for round-trip awards that are entirely on ANA flights.

When using an ANA international flight award, you’ll need to pay a minimum of $70 in taxes, passenger facility charge, fuel surcharge and other fees, based on the itinerary, class of service and exchange rates.

What does low/regular/high mean?

ANA charges different award prices depending on the date you book its flights. Most dates fall under the regular price list, while most of January, February and April fall under low season and much of August, two weeks in late April/early May, and the winter holidays fall under high season.

Routes between Japan (Zone 1) and Europe/North America (Zones 6 and 7)

What are ANA’s award zones?

ANA has 10 global zones, broken down by region and country.

*1 Available for flights from Feb. 17, 2019.

*2 Available for flights starting on Sept. 1, 2019.

What are award change and booking fees?

  • Phone booking fee: $25 USD
  • Close-in booking fee: None
  • Fuel surcharge: $86 USD, North America; $49 USD, Hawaii
  • Change date: None.
  • Change airlines: Not allowed (you need to cancel and redeposit instead)
  • Change origin/destination cities: Not allowed (you need to cancel and redeposit instead)
  • Any changes in routing or class of service: Not allowed (you need to cancel and redeposit instead)
  • Cancel and redeposit miles: 3,000 miles

Changes to the following reservations cannot be made on the ANA website:

  • Itineraries with stopovers in multiple cities.
  • Reservations (or changes) made by phone through ANA.
  • Reservations containing only children aged 2-11, or infants under 2

You must contact the ANA Mileage Club Service Center at 800-235-9262 or 310-782-3011 for any changes.

Tip: Book your flight online to avoid the $25 phone fee. If you have trouble making a booking, ask for the fee to be waived.

When are award seats made available?

You can book a flight from 355 days prior to your departure date until 96 hours before departure.

Waitlist process

Waitlisting is allowed for one flight on a one-way segment. However, waitlisting requests cannot be made for flights on which you have already secured a seat, or flights where you have already made a waitlisting request.

Unlike other airlines, ANA doesn’t offer an order of waitlist requests, citing changing seat availability. However, travelers can call ANA to check their position on the waitlist.

What stopovers and routing are allowed?

A single stopover and up to two transfers are allowed on awards, within two ANA regions. Connections can’t be made in the respective departure and destination points in the outbound and return journeys.

For example, if you wanted to book this award flight — Tokyo-Sapporo-Tokyo-Frankfurt-Tokyo — you can’t, because the outbound journey passes through Tokyo twice. However this flight — Tokyo-Seoul-Tokyo-Fukuoka — is allowed because it passes through Tokyo, but not the first city (Seoul) or the last city (Fukuoka).

There are also rules for stopovers. You can’t use your miles for this flight — Sapporo-Tokyo-Bangkok-Tokyo-Sapporo — because stopovers longer than 24 hours are not allowed for itineraries departing from Japan. However, you can use miles for this flight — Bangkok-Osaka-Tokyo-Bangkok — because itineraries departing from other countries can have one stopover en route to the destination.

Below are more examples of what you can’t do:

  • Fly from North America to South America via Europe or Japan
  • Fly from the Americas to Asia via Europe. (However, United Airlines does let you fly from the Americas to Asia via Europe.)
  • Fly from Europe to Asia via Hawaii.

On the flip side, ANA does allow you to fly some very creative routings from North America and Hawaii.

  • Fly to anywhere in Asia via Australia, Oceania, or New Zealand, making for an epic trip when you use a stopover.
  • Fly to Australia, Oceania, or New Zealand via Asia.
  • Fly to Asia via Hawaii, getting a free visit to Hawaii in the process.

What are the best award values?

ANA has some great sweet spots in low season if your travel plans are flexible.

  • North America to Japan can be as cheap as 40,000 miles in economy and 75,000 miles in business per round-trip. First class is available for as low as 150,000 miles round-trip.
  • North America to Oceania (which includes Australia and New Zealand) in business class costs just 105,000 miles round-trip, and you can route via Asia, which often has better award availability.
  • Hawaii to Japan is 35,000 miles in economy, 60,000 in business and 120,000 in first class.

Can you upgrade with miles?

You can upgrade ANA flights and Star Alliance flights with miles, but not the flights of ANA’s non-alliance partners. The chart below shows the miles needed for one-way upgrades:

One-way Mileage

Basic Sector Mileage

Premium Economy/Economy

To Business Class

Business Class to First Class
0-2,000 12,000 20,000
2,001-3,500 18,000 30,000
3,501-4,500 20,000 35,000
4,501-5,500 25,000 40,000
5,501+ 28,000 45,000


Eligible booking classes

Itinerary Origin Premium Economy/Economy

To Business Class

Business Class to First Class
Within Japan G, E, Y, B, M, U

(Note: Booking class N is not eligible)

J, C, D, Z

(Note: Booking class P is not eligible)

Outside Japan G, E, Y, B, M, U, H

(Note: Booking class N is not eligible)

J, C, D, Z

(Note: Booking class P is not eligible)

Note: Travelers can’t upgrade directly from economy to first class. Upgrade awards can’t be used for domestic flights within Japan.

Upgrades can be submitted through ANA’s website if the ticket number starts with “205.” If not, you’ll need to call the ANA Mileage Club Service Center.

What does an upgrade cost?

There are no fees or surcharges for an upgrade. However, ANA does allow you to pay cash for upgrades from economy to premium economy with its Bid My Price program, depending on the reservation status immediately before departure and the price you offer.

Those eligible include economy class tickets originating in Japan, the U.S., Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, or Indonesia; or ANA-operated flights between Japan and the USA, Europe, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia (excludes Japan domestic flights)

If eligible, you’ll receive an email seven days before your flight that shows what flights are covered and a price range for bids. Bids are accepted in Japanese yen, U.S. dollars, British pounds, euros, Singaporean dollars, Malaysian ringgit, Thai baht and Indonesian rupiah. Bidding closes 72 hours prior to flight departure.

If your offer is accepted, the booking will be upgraded and you’ll receive a new e-ticket no later than 24 hours prior to departure. Once an upgrade is confirmed, you cannot make any changes, receive a refund or use miles for an upgrade.

Alternative miles to book ANA flights

If you don’t have Mileage Club miles, there are plenty of ways to book ANA flights. You can use programs like Air Canada Aeroplan, United MileagePlus® or even Etihad Guest among others. Unlike ANA, these airlines do allow one-way awards.

For example, here’s a one-way flight from Los Angeles to Tokyo found on United Airlines for an ANA codeshare flight:

Below is a codeshare flight on Air Canada:

And here’s a New York-Tokyo flight on Etihad:

Other ways to redeem miles

ANA offers Mileage Club members myriad ways to redeem the miles they earn, including:

  • 10,000 miles for a 10,000-yen ($91 USD) value voucher to spend on flights or shopping at ANA FESTA airport shops.
  • Between 5,000 and 20,000 miles, depending on flight distance, to cover extra baggage fees.
  • Between 1,000 and 6,000 miles for overweight baggage fees.
  • Shop at ANA Global Selection for audio gear and kitchen essentials and ANA Global Mileage Mall for merchandise.
  • Book a room at ANA Global Hotels covering more than 300,000 properties around the world.
  • Rent a car at ANA Global Car Rental.
  • Use miles for Hotels.com, Amazon and Macy’s electronic gift cards.
  • Cover your airport bus trip or taxi to and from Narita or Haneda airports.
  • Donate miles to charity.

What hotel points can you transfer from?

  • Hilton Honors: 10,000 points for 1,000 miles.
  • World of Hyatt: 5,000 points for 2,000 miles.
  • IHG® Rewards Club: 10,000 points for 2,000 miles.
  • Marriott Bonvoy: transfer points to Mileage Club at a ratio of 3:1; receive a 5,000-mile bonus for every 60,000 points you transfer.
  • Shangri-La Golden Circle: transfer 500 points for 500 miles.

Can you book awards for others?

Yes, but you must register that person as an award user. You can add up to 10 family members after registering them at the ANA website or during a booking call.

When changing or deleting registered members, you’ll be charged 5,000 miles for each person. Documentation to verify the award user’s relationship with the AMC member may be requested.

Can you transfer miles to someone else?

You can’t transfer, gift or buy Mileage Club miles. Nor can you combine your miles with those from the accounts of family members and friends to redeem awards. Combining AMC miles and miles from other airlines’ frequent flyer programs is also prohibited. However, family members can combine miles to redeem awards if they are registered for the ANA Card Family Miles service.

Do ANA miles expire?

Miles will expire 36 months after their accrual. The amount of miles that is required to redeem an award is automatically deducted from the account, starting with the “oldest” miles (earliest accrual month).

The bottom line

ANA Mileage Club gives members plenty of booking options around the globe through its membership as one of 28 carriers in the Star Alliance. It also partners with another 12 carriers that extends its reach even further. There are bargains on ANA when it comes to using your miles, but you may get more value by booking an ANA flight via Star Alliance partners such as United Airlines or Air Canada.

You have to love a loyalty program that doesn’t force you to pay fees for making changes or canceling award flights. However, you need to know that ANA has some quirky rules when it comes to redeeming miles, such as not allowing one-way travel and only allowing only one stopover and up to two transfer flights on an award fare.

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